What is OPIC™ System?


"How to create a successful business
 from doing what you love"

OPIC is a system to guide to setting some goals for yourself. Detailed goals that are realistic and achievable. Goals that, while specific and measured, are still exciting and inspirational.

Here at Quantum Compass we work with our clients on what we call the “OPIC” system.

OPIC stands for:  Objective, Planning, Implementation, Commitment

As a Business Lifestyle coach and work extensively with clients, also drawing upon the knowledge industry professional. We want to develop a system that we can teach in the ArtShine program. We focus our coaching and working along side with the artists, designers, artisans and the creative communities.

The OPIC™ system was inspired from working with creative clients. We work with Artists, designers, graphic Artists, craft people, Textile designers and illustrator to name a few.

We want to create a system that creative people can pick it up and apply it into their creative business. A program that can motivate them and to take charge of their Business Lifestyle.

OPIC™ Business model is a system that resonate with artists and designers and it’s specially created with creative passion in mind.

A system that help you to define your strengths and weaknesses

A system where you learn to understand what aspects of business you need to focus in order to be successful.

A system that keep you on track and still have time to create arts and designs

A system where you can execute, review and follow up with your desires & passions

A system that help you to hit your goals every time and be excited and you want to do more.

A system that help you priortise and organise your creative business and keep you on track with your business lifestyle goals

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