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ArtSHINE's Testimonials


See what Alyssa from Kwerks has to say about ArtSHINE

Vinh is simply great. He is truly passionate about his work as a business and lifestyle coach, and has helped me tremendously in getting my own business up and running! He is fun to work with and helps makes people's dreams do come true. I highly recommend him!
Alyssa- Graphic &Designer (US)

 Patterns Apart
"Vinh has been working with me since the summer, and I am impressed with his knowledge of the art and design industry. In just a few weeks he has changed the way that I approach and charge clients, helped me to explore alternative methods of income generation, encouraged me to start blogging and given me an insight into art licensing. The fact that he is on the other side of the world to the UK makes no difference, he always answers my emails and questions promptly and with more information and advice than I could expect. I am thoroughly enjoying having him as a mentor, and guide."

Rozynna Fielding (UK)
Graphic Artist

Before we met Vinh we had been working as artists developing our own unique style with many hopes, ideas and dreams about where our designs could be used and what products we could create. Being a small business we didn’t have much capital or time to do the research to create things like crockery, bedding or even stationary using our designs...this is where Vinh, Artshine and Quantum Compass came in.

 We were doing a trade fair when Vinh approached us and looked at all our work, we had a great conversation and he told us he could see our designs and characters on various products, but he also knew how difficult, costly and risky it was to try and develop these products ourselves. So it was at this point that Vinh introduced us to the concept of Art Licensing – it was the opportunity to create designs for companies that already had quality base products who were looking at adding value and a point of difference to their brand through supporting different artists from around the world. Wow, this was the first we had ever heard of this concept and it couldn’t have been more perfect for us.  Art Licensing is a way for us to continue to do what we love, create, but have the opportunity to be paid to see our designs on greeting cards, mugs and even rug that would be sold around the world!

After having a few enlightening conversations with Vinh we just knew he was the right person to help us take our business to a level we had always wanted, but were unsure of how. Vinh has coached us for over a year now, we have meetings and various phone conversations where he has guided and supported us in creating a comprehensive portfolio that shows various mock-ups of all the products we hope to create. He is incredibly encouraging and we felt very comfortable sharing all of our hopes and fears for the future of IMOK.

Vinh has shared with us his incredible knowledge of the industry and his comprehensive network of contacts who can make our dreams a reality. We have also worked with Quantum compass learning about the OPIC system which really allowed us to really define our goals for the future.

Without Vinh we would still be trying to find the missing link between us, and getting our designs seen by the much larger audience. We truly recommend him highly!

Jen Roberts and Sandra Mason  (Australia)
Owners and creators of IMOK – Art, Illustration & design 

Chris Chun Designs
I have had the pleasure of working with Vinh for the past few years. He has been a ‘guiding light’ in my art career and has been a significant factor in the success of my business.Vinh understands that as ‘creative professionals’, we are unique and that our creativity is just as important as cash-flows etc.If you are looking for someone to help you ‘make that next step’, then I cannot recommend Vinh highly enough. 

Chris Chun- Artist & Designer (Thailand)

Scoops Design
At the start of the year I made the leap from a full time job to running my own small business Scoops Design. This has been a major career and lifestyle change and I wouldn't have been able to do it so successfully without the help of Vinh from Artshine. Although I have previously owned and run a broadcast design studio, I realised I needed someone to coach me through the process of making my business profitable and someone who specialised in working with creative people.

I have now been working with Vinh for the last 10 months and he has helped me through each stage of my business plan and creating systems for my business. I have gone from knowing nothing about the retail and wholesale gift and children's clothing industry to having a stand at Life Instyle and gaining 26 new stockists from around Australia. Along the way Vinh encouraged and guided me through everything I needed to do to get there. The OPIC emails that arrive every fortnight are a great way to keep everything on track and to grow the business. Without these, I would still be at the same stage I was at the start of the year without a real plan for where I would like my business to be future wise.

Apart from the business side of things, we have also worked on lifestyle changes and making sure I get to spend enough time on my personal goals. It has been really valuable working with Vinh, especially having someone who sees the bigger picture, who you can run ideas past and keep me accountable. I highly recommend working with Vinh to grow your business.

 Sophie Cooper- Graphic Artist & Designer (Australia)
Scoops Design

 Wil & Caro
Vinh is one of the most energetic and passionate people I have ever met.His desire to truly help people comes from the bottom of his heart. Vinh has had such an amazing life journey and his experiences are really un matched, his knowledge will come in handy no matter what type of artist or designer you are, he has helped Carolyn and I on so many occasions and really helps you go the next level.

An amazing thing about Vinh is that he gives you a wealth of knowledge and he makes sure you apply it, and ensures that you hold yourself accountable.

To sum it all up Vinh has been a great mentor to us and his experience and passion for Art and Design are second to none, his genuine will to want to help you and grow you is something very hard to find. 

We hope that Vinh continues to nurture and educate us for many years to come.

William & Carolyn- Artists

Faint Impressions
When I met Vinh I was working full-time in a job I had lost interest in and was trying to build my business selling handbags and running workshops at night after work. Working full-time on my passion as a business was something I just didn't think was ever possible. I had accepted the fact that in life you work full-time in a job you don't really enjoy and you spend your free time doing the things you love and are passionate about.

Since meeting Vinh I have quit my job to work full-time on building my business, something I never thought possible.It's a big step quitting your job to work for yourself and it's important to be surrounded by people who have experience in your field and can offer you the support and guidance you need.

Vinh has helped me every step of the way. Together we develop new ideas and ways to promote and improve my business, how to be productive and motivated when working from home and setting goals so I know what I'm working towards and how to get there.

Vinh's holistic approach to living your passion was the perfect fit for me; I would not have achieved what I have in such a short time without his systems and support.
Sasha- Designer

By Marie-Nicole
After many years of earning an income through being a professional photographer I felt I was compromising quality of life for standard of living. It became apparent thatearning a living through a career that allowed me to live a more family focused lifestyle was much more important. Which is why I shifted to selling my handcrafted wares based on my fine art and craft skills. But I was uncertain about how to get things flowing. Then I met Vinh from Quantum Compass at the Stictches & Craft Show in Sydney and could see merit in the service he was offering. Since working with Vinh in his ArtShine Mentoring Program I have learnt ways to approach this new venture confidently and coherently. And have been reminded that understanding your target market and your product is just as important as understanding yourself. Thanks Vinh for helping clear the fog.

Marie-Nicole-Artist & Designer

I have grown up with art and craft as second-nature and I wanted to find a way to grow my passion for doll making from a hobby into a small business.My knowledge of managing, leveraging and marketing a business was rudimentary at best, I learned about Quantum Compass Business Lifestyle Coaching through Vinh’s introductory talk at the August 2009 Stitches and Craft Show and decided to sign up for his 3 month course.Vinh has shined a light on my strengths and encouraged me to take the next step forward with confidence. I recommend Vinh to anyone who is truly ready to grow into their full potential"

Kathleen- Crafter/Designer

Frolic In Fabric
“My business Frolic in Fabric has greatly benefited from regular mentoring sessions with Vinh at Quantum Compass-ArtSHINE. Through sound advice I am now more organised with my time and my finances and more confident in promoting myself and my business. I would certainly recommend this service to anyone striving to turn their passion into a business.

Elizabeth Cook- Fashion Designer

AVL Designs
Absolutely Brilliant! Cant believe how inspiring you are! Such a gifted person! You have pledge and dedicate your inciteful wisdom and focus toward my adventure as a designer! The journey has just begun cant wait to share my success with you!

Anthony-Artist & Fashion Designer

FSD Australia & MK Furniture Designs
Hello Vinh,Thank you so much for giving me the support I needed to set up my wholesales & Retail furniture business. You and Stuart have shown me how to build up my cashflow and increase sales in my business. My business has grown rapidly and my sales increased up 120% within the past 6 months. Your regular coaching sessions have made a huge impact into my day to day business and held me accountable for my own business and set clear business goals. Once again thank you very much.

Aris Jonathan- Owner, Retailer& Importer 

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