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Tell My Mother Told Me...Tale 9 "Being Present"

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Tale 9 : "Being Present"

"Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, 
concentrate the mind on the present moment".
                                                          - Buddha

This tale came about when I was at a dinner party and it was one of those great dinner parties where you have the opportunity to reconnect with some old friends that you haven't seen for a while.  However, there was one aspect of the party I was quite disappointed at. So I decided to tell mum about it.

"Mum, I have this friend that I find really annoying and others agree too. I have to say he is not a close friend as such but we do meet up from time to time" I said with frustration.

"So what was it that he did that you find annoying?" asked my mum.

"Well, last night I was at a dinner party and  I was chatting with him and he asked me a question and  as I was trying to respond to his question he totally ignored my response and turned his head and started to chat with the other person sitting next to him. It was quite embarrassing and annoying as at the same time the other people at the table also noticed what was going on. One of my friends looked at me and rolled his eyes and said "He does it all the time, when he is not interested in a conversation". The most annoying part was when he decided to resume our conversation he did not bother to apologise and totally ignored the whole thing. Why does he bother asking me if he wasn’t interested?" I asked Mum.

Mum smiled and said "Sometimes people live with an absent mind and they are not present even when they are there with you but their minds have drifted to another place. Many people live their whole lives lost in thoughts of the yesterday and the tomorrow, the true meaning is we should live in the present moment everyday, this is where everything happens. Yesterday was the past, tomorrow is only a promise, today is when you can do something about it in order to have a brighter future. So, take action and be present and live in the present moment".

So you ask, what does being present have to do with running your business?

In fact, it has everything to do with it. Being present means being fully conscious of what's going on around you so you are able to participate in the opportunities that are presented to you. If you are not being present in what you do, you are not focused or clear with what you are attempting to achieve.

Sometimes, we are not present because we're not in it. We keep thinking of the past, what we should have done and so forth... or dreaming about future, like dreamers do. We put ourselves to believe that tomorrow's the day when we'll shine, be richer, be healthier and in a great loving relationship. All these are only wishes, all these will only come true if we  take  accountability and take action today. Today is the key to change, not yesterday nor tomorrow.

Being present takes lots of focus and practice. To do this you need to be engaged in that moment at that point in time and also by  really listening to your surroundings. If you are engaged in a conversation with someone, you need to be focused and be present and listening to what they saying. This is particularly hard when you are not present, your mind will fall in a trend of thoughts about other things such as what to wear for a special dinner or all the tasks you have yet to finish.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Are the thoughts that are running through your mind distract you and create a distance from the present situation? I have to say, guilty as charged!  What I am now trying to do is to be more aware so that I can be more “present” in each and every moment. Remember being present will take sometime to master, however, if there is a will then there is always a way!

Below are some tips to help you in being present in your business:
  • Be the observer and look outside of your world. Invest in business books and read them to stimulate your mind and get inspired with new ideas.
  • Listen to business audios, chat with like minded business owners, join business network groups to exchange ideas and build connections.
  • Open your mind to the universe, let your thoughts flow and be less judgmental and this is how you can find inspirational sparks and great ideas.
  • Taking time out of your business will do wonders. It will give you a fresh perspective to life and business. People who adopt this are much more focused and present in their business.
  • "Me time" and "Refresh" are the best ways to relax your mind and rejuvenate your soul. Take time out for the gym, participate in yoga and meditation sessions will also help you in being present. Do whatever you feel will calm your mind and relax your body. We are all different so find an activity that will relax you and help find the inner peace in you.
  • Cleanse your mind to gain new ideas that allow you and your creative business to grow  and for you to be present and engaged in your business.
  • If you are present, you are constantly focusing on your sales and marketing leads and       continually developing new products, services and innovation ideas to growth your business
  • When you find your mind distracted and puts you in the future or the past mode, just refocus your awareness back to the present. Really experience how you feel and what's happening around you, without judgment. If we can treasure each moment, your life will be abundant, no matter what you have accomplished.
Being present and achieving results in your business is so rewarding, not just financially but for your soul as well 
So are you present in your business?

Tune in for next week tale Ten...  "Chicken Scratches for What it gets "


Unknown said...

Brilliant. Thank you Vinh.

Unknown said...

Thanks Sally, I am glad you enjoyed this tale. Being present every moment in time is very hard to master. However with practice and awareness we can learn to be being present in our life and business. Thanks for visiting ArtSHINE's blog


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