Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Find Your Desire, Passion & Purpose (DPP) Part 1

“Know your Desire Passion & Purpose is knowing your desired destination & outcome” 
-Vinh Van Lam
·       From history we have learnt that, in any expedition there has to be a desire, the passion and a clear purpose before the journey can begin. At ArtSHINE we refer to the process of discovering and defining this as “DPP”.
·        Finding out your own DPP is a very important step. Let’s examine the following areas:
·         Your needs.
·         Your wants.
·         Your desires.
  • Desires that you’ve kept with you for a long time. Now is the time to acknowledge them and make them a reality. You may have a desire and be have been too afraid to let people around you know, because you think they may laugh at you, or be upset with you, or tell you not to…
  • There are also those desires where you have had to compromise in the past.

·         Your desired destination.
·         Your desired outcome.

·       Remember your DPP is about you and what you want in your life. It’s not about other people. The reason you may not have pursued your DPP in the past is because sometimes we are clouded by other peoples’ points of view. We need to remember that it’s not always about them and that sometimes they don’t understand how important it is that you follow your passion.
·         The only thing that will ultimately stop you from making your DPP into a reality is your fear.

Find your Desire, Passion and Purpose

Try this exercise:

Set your scene: Find a spot that you feel comfortable with. No distractions.  Shut your eyes and visualise the following:
When you are doing this exercise have an open mind. You are not required to know the “How”, just focus on the “What”.
My Ideal Life:
  •        Where I am?
  •        What am I doing?
  •       What do I feel?
  •    Who am I with?

After your visualisation please complete these exercises:

Make a list of at least ten of the most important things you can think of that will give you a joyous, happy and fulfilled life.
Start each sentence with a verb (relating to doing or being) that completes the sentence:
“When my life is perfect, I am _______________”
Here are several examples that may assist:
When my life is perfect, I am...
I am healthy
I have achieved my perfect weight
Working happily in a career that I love
I feel abundance
I have a work and lifestyle balance

Helpful tips
·         Use the present tense for the items in your list - as if you’ve already attained them.
·         Use positive language. Frame things in ways like… “ I do…” rather than “I don’t…” “I wont..”
·         Doing this exercise will help you when you setting your goals.

Part 1:
List the ten most important things that you can think of. Things that will bring you joy, happiness and fulfilment in your life.
2.     _______________________________
3.     _______________________________
4.     _______________________________
5.     _______________________________
6.     _______________________________
7.     _______________________________
8.     _______________________________
9.     _______________________________
10.    _______________________________
What to learn more about find your DPP?
Tune in next Wednesday for Part 2 
It’s as simple as 1... 2... 3...

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