Wednesday, November 17, 2010

To Share or not to Share in your Art & Design Blogs (Part 1)

Some of our creative clients always ask about what to write and what to share in their blogs. 

Here are some of the most common questions:
  •  What to share and what not to share? But I don’t want to share my personal stuff on internet...
    •  Where do I draw the line between my creative business and my personal life?
    Before you start blogging it's important that you decide your comfort levels. Decide what you're going to share, and what you want to keep private... Remember that you'll be talking to friends and strangers alike, so you'll need to be clear about your online persona.

    Prospective clients will get a sense of who you are from what you post on your blog... and ideally, you'll want them to have a good impression of you and what you do in your business.

    An edgy blog is better that a sketchy one... If you do decide to share your personal life, you just need to be mindful how you are going to deliver that personal information to your readers and to the internet world at large...

    As coaches working with our clients, we'd like to share six key points to consider when you are posting your blog:

    1. Personal stuff, and what to share:
    When sharing your personal information understand that not everyone on line who's reading your blog is your friend. We'd always suggest sharing your personal stuff moderately.

    Be very careful with personal information... Birthdays, personal details, where you live... Travel plans & your movements, etc. If your entire family is going on holiday we suggest you shared that after your return.  If you have a set routine in which you do certain things alone at the same time each day, don’t post that information online. We know it’s all sound obvious and many people have shared more than they should have. To learn more about online safety, click here:

    2. Validate your information & facts:
    Keep your information up to date and check your facts.

    Be mindful before writing a blog about someone or someone else's business. You'll want to avoid defamation lawsuits.

    3. Request for permission
    If you want to feature someone you admire or write about them, or even share some of their works, make sure you ask for their permission first. It could be as simple as sending them an email

    To learn more click here: Arts Law Centre Australia

    Next week we'll discuss the next three points, so please stay tuned...

    Thanks for dropping by. 

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