Wednesday, November 24, 2010

To Share or not to Share in your Art & Design Blogs (Part 2)


If you missed our blog from last week entitled “To Share or not to Share in your Art & Design Blogs” Part One - you can click here Part 1

Last week we shared with you three points to remember when you are posting a blog:

1.    Personal information, what to share & what not to share

2.    Validating your information & facts

3.    Requesting permission

This week we are continue to explore further with the next three points; Proof reading your blog, creating inspiring blogs, and creating "positive vibes"

4. Proof read your blog

Keep you blog in simple English and avoid using slang or jargon. Write for easy reading. Also, you are sharing your words and ideas with the whole world, so remember that some of your readers do not have English as their first language. So a simple English format will help your message nicely. 

Get your blog proof read and edited to avoid grammatical errors. I know how it feels when you get a critical comment from a reader who is put off by your writing. At the end of the day some really don’t care if you’re English is your seventh language. Learn from your mistakes and proof read your blogs before posting.

5. Create inspiring blogs
Your readers come to your blog to learn more about you and your creative passion. They want to know what inspires you to create your art and design, who you admire in the creative industry, and what new arts & designs you have created recently. And even little updates about your personal life sometimes as well. Perhaps you are their inspiration and reading your blog has inspired them to do what they love too.

Keep your blog inspiring with great information to offer to your readers. What they don’t want to see is nothing but sales and promotions every time they visit your blog and nothing new about you, or your business. Of course, there's nothing wrong with wanting to promote your products, workshops etc they just don’t we to received that type of news constantly. Therefore it is great to plan your blog with different themes that will make more interesting reading for your readers.
Want to learn what to write? - You can click here: Writing Successful Blogs

6. Create "Positive Vibes"

In this final point, your readers will come back to your blog regularly if you send out positive ideas.

In saying this you, can share some of your challenges that you experience too. Your regular readers will even thank you for showing them that you 're human being who sometimes faces some great challenges in our lives and business.

Keep in mind though, that you're not focused on the negative all that regularly. It could be a total turn off to your loyal readers...

If for any reason you may have had a bad business experience in the past, don’t just blog about it with anger. Wait until your anger has defused and you've gained a better perspective on the situation. That way you can write a constructive blog telling your experience.

Give your readers a summary of what happened, without mentioning names. Share an overview of how it made you feel, and then provide the steps that you took to overcome that situation.

Food for thought:

Remember that your blog is your platform. Your blog is more than a business or a website; it is a great marketing system than can help you reach out to the world

Remember too, that you have the full control over what you write and what you share with your readers.

Want to learn more about how to write successful blogs?

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