Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The "I Know !" Syndrome

If you're not learning your 're dying!

Have you heard that before?

And how many times have we heard or have we said these two words...

"I Know!"

The minute we said "I Know" we close our mind. We stop learning. That’s because we’ve decided that we already know.

The "I know" syndrome will stop us from seeking opportunity. It will stop us learning, or growing.   It also stops others sharing their knowledge and experiences too.

Before you say “I know”  have a think about this question:
If "I know" this already then how well am I applying it in my business?

There’s a difference between “knowing” and “doing”...

As your coach, we work with lots of people who are striving for knowledge...

We meet people we call “Seminar Junkies” too.

Seminar Junkies attend all the workshops, and seminars... over and over again... They read all the latest books... Do everything in fact, except ever take any action...


Because they fall into what we call the "I know it all" trap mode.

So, to make sure you get the most of your learning, change your mindset and open up your mind .

Stop using the "I Know" excuse. Try one of these statements instead:
·         Wow! Isn’t that interesting!
·         What a great idea!
·         Love it! Thanks for sharing!
These expressions are powerful. They set you in a more positive state, ready to consider things in a different perspective.

Most importantly or all though...

Take action!

Make Tomorrow Today

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