Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Power of 5 - Part 4 : Google+

Have you ever wondered which social media outlet you should jump on?

Which one is effective and will benefit your business?

Where to start one?

What to do?

How to engage?

Three weeks ago we gave you a brief overview on how Facebook works,Youtube and last week we talked about Twitter and its pros and cons.

This week we are talking about Google+ and how you can leverage it into your Art and Design business.

Google+ has an audience size of 90 million. It is a relatively new social network operated by Google.

The great benefit of Google+ is that it allows you to share your content with a specific target audience. Google+ makes it easy for businesses to separate their audience and you can share your information only to the group or circle you want to share with.

Administration is strict: The business page needs to be created from an individual’s Google+ account, and you can't add additional admins or any other users to manage the account.

Where to start:
Set up a Google+ account which is free. You need to register for a Google+ profile and you can use your existing Gmail account to operate Google+. Like Facebook you can add pictures.  

You can create a business page later after you have established your personal profile.

How to engage:
The best way to engage with your audience like your clients is to leave a comment. Be sure to +1 their posts and comment on them. Try re-sharing posts to your specific circles. 

What to do:

To leverage what Google+ has to offer you also need to familiarise yourself with its key features:
"Circles" This feature allows you to categorise your people, friends or followers according to different criteria. You can share specific content just with a particular circle or group, and not bombarding others with non-relevant information. 

You can also create circles for different workshops, seminars or trade show, and can get people in those circles to connect and expand your network. You receive a notification when someone has added you to any of their circles, and then you can decide if you want to add them or not.

"Hangouts" feature is a great way to communicate and connect with others as you will be able to use it for conferences and seminars. You can have meetings with up to 10 people at the same time which is a fantastic feature to leverage into your business. There are many ways you can use this feature, such as exhibitor briefings and pre-conference chats with your speakers etc.

If you are seriously planning to connect with more people and your ideal audience online, then Google+ is definitely a great social media site for you to get involved in. Do not underestimate this new social network just because it is still young compared to Facebook. It does not mean that it is not going to be just as big in years to come.

You need to be in it to win it. So join Google+ now and start to build your circle of networks now before it becomes too big and saturated with millions of users and you won’t be able to make your presence known.

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