Friday, July 6, 2012

What is Pinterest?

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is known as a virtual pinboard to organise and share the things you love with people on-line. The whole idea of Pinterest is for you to create an account and then you can ‘pin’ images that you find around the internet to your own image boards. 

What makes Pinterest interesting and exciting is that it lets you create image boards with different categories.  As a member you can create a range of boards on any topic that you like. You can pin images to a particular board either by uploading your own photographs or using a Pinterest plug-in on your browser to pin images from other websites you visit and back to your own boards. Once you have created the image boards, it can be viewed by friends, and online users who can then re-pin the images on your board to their boards. 

The great thing about Pinterest is that when you become a member, and to help you with  the start up process, it will ask you for your categories of interest and once you have selected the categories, it will help you search and follow the existing members who have the categories  that you like.  We've found this process is particularly useful and helpful as it can be daunting for most of new users at the beginning when you're really don't know where to start. So once you have your board up and running, it's good idea for you to revise your boards and look for other boards that you like and use them as  inspirations to create your own boards. 

You can search for friends to follow on Pinterest and you can also invite more friends to join your pin boards too. It is fun to use Pinterest and you can use it like your own vision board and set goals for yourself to achieve. You can also use the boards as part of your inspiration to create new designs, new products, research and a fantastic tool for branding your Art and Design business.

Did you know that Pinterest is the fastest growing social networking site in history breaking 10 million unique visits in one week. Late last year it entered the top 10 social networks ranked by visits, and early this year  it has driven more traffic to online retailers than LinkedIN, YouTube and Google+. 

How would it benefit your business?

The visual nature of Pinterest means that product driven businesses, especially in creative industry , should be able to leverage the network to have their content shared on line. Pinterest works particularly well for Art, Craft and Design businesses.  It gives you the opportunity to upload your products and designs and share it with you followers. It 's a great way to promote your products free on-line . If you engage well with your ideal audience, Pinterest will help you spread like wildfire on internet.

How to become a member

To set-up an account. However, you need to be either invited by an existing user, or join the waiting list at During the registration process you will be asked to sign-up using either your Facebook or Twitter logins.

How does it works?

If you are interested and consider of gaining a visual presence on Pinterest. Here is an YouTube tutorial that will show you how you can set your own Pin board  and how you can leverage Pinterest in your creative business.

Next week we will share more tips  on how to use Pinterest  in your Art and Design business. So stay tune

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