Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tired of working for someone else? Ready to create the business of your Dream

If you’re looking for up to date information about how to start a small business, then you’ve come to the right place…

Are you:
* Working full time but not sure for how much longer?
* Wondering how to turn your passion, hobby, or skills into real income?
* Ready to be your own boss but not quite sure where’s the best place to start?

While Quantum Compass is here for everyone who’s looking to start a small business, we specialise in what we call “transition from full-time employment to self employment.” Or to put it another way… “Working 5 to 9.”

What does that really mean? Consider this scenario:

Imagine working in a full-time job, earning good money, but you’re not entirely happy. You’re thinking that now’s the time to start your own business. It may be because there’s some changes coming at work - “restructuring”. You think that you’re in the firing line, or on that list for redundancy. It may be because you’ve had enough of all the politics and pettiness that goes on at the office. You want to take back control of your own life. It may be that you’ve had a burning desire to do something different for quite a while…

You have a burning desire to follow that dream… A burinng desire too live your passion…

We’ve worked with lots of people who have decided, for one reason or another, to leave the corporate world and start working for themselves; to become free-agents as it were. (In fact, we’ve even done it ourselves!)

For some it means opening a restaurant or cafe, for others it’s becoming an artist or designer. It could be a move into consulting, or using your skills, knowledge and experience for your own profit and gain rather than somebody else…

But here’s the trap, and the danger…

One of the biggest issues for most new start businesses is cash flow.

And we’ve seen it so many times!

Here’s what most people do… They quit their jobs! And then they start their business…

What does that do for cash flow?

Well, you’re earning good money one day, then the next, as you’re starting your business, you’re spending money - start up costs, purchasing equipment and product, on it goes… You’re either eating into savings, or getting deeper into debt. Either way, it’s a negative position.

And you’ve go to ask yourself too:

How many small businesses are profitable from day one?
How long could you survive with little or no income as your business gets off the ground?

We’re here to show you another way!

Now don’t be fooled… We’re not offering a “Magic Pill” or some easy path to riches… This isn’t about getting something for nothing, or being initiated into some “Secret”…

It’s about planning, and passion, and doing the hard work that’s required to make your dreams a reality.

So, what ever your vision and passion…

We’re here to help.

Ask yourself:

* What if you had a business coach walking along side you as you start out?
* What if a personal coach was always there for you urging you on?
* What if you had a mentor who’s successfully been where you’re going?

Now think about how that sort of support and assistance would make a real difference to you and your new business…

* Would that mean you could get up and running faster and easier?
* Would that mean you would make money, and make more money sooner?
* Would it mean that you could skip over mistakes other new starts make?
* Would it mean that you’d sleep easier with less concerns and worries?

We offer start up business coaching across Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane; as well as around the world. Where ever you are we’re ready to help you create the small business of your dreams.

Nothing could be simpler. Take the action you need to take to make your dreams a reality.

Want to learn more about  start up  business coaching? 

It’s as simple as 1... 2... 3...

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2:E-mail Quantum Compass  Businesscoaching@QuantumCompass.com.au or contact vinh@quantumcompass.com.au  or  +61 410 636 138

3: Contact Vinh for a no cost, no obligation coaching session. www.quantumcompass.com.au/shine

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