Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A goal setting road map

Point A to Point B 

Achieving goals can be challenging. Particularly if you over estimate what you can reasonably achieve. And sometimes that means we give up before we even start.

Why does that happen?

There are many reasons why we behave this way. Some of them are:

  • Goals were unclear with no real purpose in mind.
  • We get scared
  • Negative Mindset
  • We get distracted
  • Poor execution
  • No milestones set
  • No reviews, or you fail to follow up with your goals
  • There's a lack of commitment

Let's say you do know where you want to be, you do know the goals you want to set, but you're still unsure about how to get there... What would you do?

Like driving a car to get from point A to point B you need to set a clear direction right?

One of the key steps in goal setting is to map out your action steps and make some decisions about how you're going to get from point A to point B.

As you embark on your journey you may also be faced with many challenges on the road too. Sometimes you are lucky enough to get a smooth ride, but sometimes you're not so lucky, and you get the experience of a bumpy ride. Just like a road can be closed for repair, you're delayed at traffic lights, or stuck in a peak-hour traffic jam, there can be some road blocks to acheiving your goals too.

Sometimes even you have a map or GPS to help you along the way, but you're still unclear, distracted, and loose focus, which means you lose your way.

And then there's the wrong turns, and getting lost...

Sound familiar?

So what do you do when you experience those sort of problems?

Do you just give up, get out the car, and stop driving?

I don't think so! Maybe you gt  bit frustrated, but you'd go back to your plan and retrace your steps, review your journey, adjust you direction accordingly, and you'd try again.

Setting and achieving your goals is like driving. Even with a destination in mind, sometimes the process along  the way may turn out to be quite different to how you have planned. You may achieve your goals quickly and smoothly, or sometimes you may struggle.

This is because when we do plan to travel from point A (your starting point) we don't have a crystal ball to always predict the exact action steps.

There's also to fect that you haven't been to point B (your desired result) before. So how do we even know if the plan we have to get from point A to point B will even get us there?

Most of the time, the planning steps will help us move forward and give us a direction to mover closer to point B. Even though it won't always be a perfect ride,  at least we have a plan to work towards our goals.

It's here where most people throw in the towel and give up. They underestimate the steps required to achieve their own goals. They don't like the driving experience, even perhaps deciding to do a U-turn and going back where they started from.

So, are you the person who gives up easily on your goals and dreams?

Here' s a useful tip...

If you ever get lost while pursuing one of your goals, just think of a time when your were driving and were lost. Focus on the process of how you got yourself out of that situation. The next step is to determine how to get yourself back on track so you can reach your desired destination.

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