Friday, September 28, 2012

Highlight from the Sydney Art Expo 2012

The Sydney Art Expo (September 21-23 2012) provided Art lovers an accessible opportunity to view a wide variety of art styles, mediums and content. There were plenty to see from paintings, sculptures, and ornaments, homewares to art objects. 

There were  great art workshops, and business seminars available during the show, you could stay all day at the show and there were lots to explore and gather inspirations and ideas from show.

The Sydney Art Expo is about discovering new emerging artists. Whether you're an experienced collector, or new, you'd find artworks to suit your taste and budget.

image courtesy from Art Expo

Adding to Sydney's vibrant art scene the show featured over ten galleries, close to seventy artists' studios, and hundreds of new artworks. It was a wonderful space to be and learn about art.

One aspect we liked the most was you can actually connected with the artists at their stands. Many of the artists were available to meet and talk with about their art. They 
were there to share a passion for art and design. It was so inspiring to experience that expression of passion, and to see such talent on display. And we here at ArtSHINE were delighted to meet so many talented people in one space.

Me & Gabby Malpas

In the next couple weeks we will featuring some of the artists we met at the show. The  weekly ArtSHINE “Close Up” interview series will allow us to highlight and feature artists and artisans as they live their passion and do what they love.

The series we’ll share knowledge and experience, as well as promote Australian and international artists and spread the word about creativity.  My partner Stuart Horrex and I  have a commitment to assist artists and artisans gain greater recognition for their work, and create the business lifestyles that will serve to sustain their art practices. That’s why the ArtSHINE project was initiated.

We’d like to thank all the artists and designers who shared their work with everyone at the show. A big thank you to Art Expo team for organising such a great show and  thanks so much for the opportunity to be part of the show and allow us to do our talks at the Art Space.

Here are some of our highlights from the show:

Art Workshop

image courtesy from Art Expo

Name this Art Competition
image courtesy from Art Expo

ArtSHINE Business Seminar

Portraiture demonstration
image courtesy from Art Expo

Work of Art

Live sculpting demonstrations

Interested in exhibiting?

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