Friday, June 8, 2012

Tips to Promote Your Art & Design Business Online... FREE!-Part 6: Joint Venture or collaborating with Compliment Businesses

PART 6: Joint Venture or Collaborating with other compliment businesses online.

Five weeks ago we shared with you a brief overview on how to promote your Art & Design business online for FREE!

We talked about blog postings, Guest posting on complimentary blogs, Publishing your own eBook, we also covered Online community and last week we talked about Online article submissions and how you can leverage and promote your business online FREE.

This week the final topic is about joint venture or collaborating with compliment businesses and how you can  network and promote your Art and Design business FREE by cross promotion with those complimentary businesses.
So what would you prefer? Getting one or one hundred clients at a time? This is the difference between working alone, and seeking joint venture alliances.

If you contact prospective clients, just say you make 10 calls. If you’re lucky you will get two clients. This is a 20% conversion. However, if you make contact with potential alliance partners, making just ten visits, and get only 2 partners. You’ve now made an alliance that with the same effort and conversion rate could send you up to fifty clients per partner over the coming year. That’s the power of joint venture alliances. These ten visits could get you over one hundred clients instead of just the two you’ve achieved yourself.

So leveraging your networks and making alliances with the right partners will benefit both parties in the joint venture. And of course these alliances benefit the clients too.

Let’s look at this example: Suppose you are a graphic designer and you have joint venture with a printing studio The printer hand out your special offer coupon online and off line to every member and feature your service in their newsletters. In return you make sure that your clients receive the printers' flyer and you regularly mention their service in your website and blogs too.

Can you see that in this situation everyone wins? The  printer studio wins because they get in front of perhaps 50 to 200 people who might want to get some printing done. The customer wins because they get introduced to a good printing studio, and you win as well because you get a steady stream of clients who want you to design  their  graphic work for their business.  This could lead to ongoing clients for the rest of the life of your business... Not a bad result for one day’s work by just connecting with your networks and making the right joint venture partner alliances.
    Now we have finished sharing with you how to promote your Art & Design business FREE online and it’s your turn to take action. Remember knowledge is not power, it is only your potential  power, it's only  powerful once you have taken  the action and use the knowledge you gained. The past six weeks you have learned and gained great ideas  in how to promote your business onlne, so make sure you apply these to your business. The great thing is they are yours totally FREE! and all you need  is time to plan out your campaigns. So Plan Well, and Execute well! will bring you many rewards.

    Now it’s your turn to go out there and try!

    Please leave us a comment if you had success with any of these promotional tips? and do you have any other FREE tips that you can share with ArtSHINE's community? We would love to hear from you.

    Thanks for dropping by.

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    Tips to Promote Your Art & Design Business Online... FREE!


    Anonymous said...

    I was suggested this website through my cousin. I am no longer certain whether this put up is written through him as nobody else realize such precise approximately my problem. Your are amazing!


    Beaverton SEO said...

    Wonderful blogpost. I'm your new follower. More power to you!

    Emilia Loza said...

    “…knowledge is not power, it is only your potential power…” – I believe this is true as well. When it comes to joint ventures, every owner probably knows which products and services complement their niche. And it makes a really shrewd businessman to see the potential in that basic fact. I guess the most successful ones; they were not the richest and smartest when they first started. But they were keener in using their resources.

    Pure Leverage

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