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Knowledge is not Power!

Knowledge is not POWER!

I know you might not agree with me about this, so let me explain to you why I said "Knowledge is not Power".

I had an experience that demonstrates my point, I recently attended a seminar about how to lose fat and stay healthy for good. This seminar was attractive to me so I decided to attend. At the seminar there was this gentleman who seemed to know all the answers to questions that were raised by the gym instructor. I was quite impressed with his knowledge from fat burners to how to stay healthy. So I really wanted to know who he was so I turned around to look at him and to my surprise he was a very obese gentleman sitting on the back roll.

So after the seminar, I couldn't help but keep thinking about this man, who has shown full of knowledge about health and fitness. Then I started to think, if he has all the knowledge to stay fit & healthy then why is he not applying this to his own health and fitness. He was seriously obese. Now, there may be a very real reason for that, but it seems strange to me...

After thinking long and hard, I started to come to the conclusion that your knowledge is not power, it's only potential power. You really need to implement that knowledge that you have gained in order to turn its potential power into real power.

As a business coach we meet many business owners and we also have many opportunities to turn our initial conversations with potential clients. Some of the business owners also demonstrated a great deal of knowledge about how businesses work and with each question we asked they seemed to know all the answers too. Then the "I know syndrome" starts to creep up along with many excuses as to why they are not performing to the level they should. They seem to have all the answers to all the questions. Although some answers are valid and most were pure excuses really!
So my questions to you are: 
  • If you have all the knowledge there is, why aren't you applying it to your own business lifestyle?
  • If you said you know what to do to run a great business lifestyle and why aren't you doing?
  • Shouldn't you practice what you preach?
Okay, you may think the above questions may seem a bit confronting and even make you feel uncomfortable.

As your coach, we want to challenge you and also to make you realise if you are not prepared to implement what you have learnt then there is nothing going to change for you and  your business either.

Having great knowledge is a great thing to have, however, you need to apply it. Another example is you may have known someone who has attended all the self help seminars (Seminar junkies) and buy the latest best selling motivational books there is. At ArtSHINE we call them the "collector" they love collecting information and  top up their knowledge but they won't take action or implement anything that they have learnt.

Would you like to know why?

It's because they are falling into the trap mode and the fear mode is the reason why most people stay where they are...  and not moving forward to where they want to be.

There are people who have all the knowledge and don't know how to apply it into their personal and business life. Others just have a basic lack of discipline and accountability because in their mind they have a big to do list and the list is becoming too overwhelming and so they build up this fear and confusion and therefore procrastinate! We all know someone who always looks busy and they produce poor results and when we ask them about all the tasks they’re meant to do, their answers are‘I am busy with something else and this one is on my list of things to do’. And you know the list they talked about is not a list on paper but in fact it is in their head! 

So, the only way to get thing done is by taking action. Knowledge isn't power, taking action with knowledge is power.

What’s the best way to take action?

Written goals!

You need to set goals and plan all your To Do lists on paper not in your head. Writing down your goals and making a list of tasks on paper will help you track where you are. By having your goals and tasks written down on paper you will have a guide to steer you to achieve the desirable results for you and your business.

Want to learn more about planning for the new year the ArtSHINE way?

It’s as simple as 1... 2... 3...

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