Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What is OPIC Quirk?

The OPIC Quirk is one of eight business concepts that we use to coach Artists, Designers & creative business owners. It's also part of our business workshop series that we run throughout the year.

ArtSHINE's 8 Business Concepts:

1.    OPIC Planning
2.    OPIC CashFlow
3.    OPIC Quirk
4.    OPIC Sales
5.    OPIC Service
6.    OPIC System
7.    OPIC Team
8.    OPIC Leveraging

There are many businesses still spending thousands of dollars on advertising, promotion and marketing without ever knowing the real costs and ROI (Return on Investment). This is not what marketing should be all about. Marketing is a calculated and tested method that gets the "Ideal Customer, exactly as you intended.

At Quantum Compass we refer marketing as "OPIC Quirk". We focus on "QUIRK" and empower our clients to define and to know their quirks too.

Here is a question for you to think about:

Why do you keep doing the same marketing strategies if it's not what your ideal customer wants?

For example, there is no chance for you to attract a beer drinker to buy beer if you are using the same marketing strategies that you pitch to a wine drinker. To attract your ideal customer, you need to firstly learn about them and understand what makes them tick.

  • Define your Quirks or Uniqueness- set yourself apart from your competitors so more of your ideal customers want to buy your product or use your service.
  • Define your WOW factor in your business.
  • Understand the 6 marketing catches
  • Learn how to tap into your ideal customer instead of trying to target everyone.
  • Learn how to get your ideal customers coming back, again and again
  • Learn how to create customer advocacy & loyalty.
Many businesses spend many hours and money working for a customer base that is a result of what the business has offered in the past. This is not however always exactly what the original target market was supposed to be. Yes there is a difference...

An Ideal customer target market is your intention. A customer is the outcome. Therefore even though you may target widely to prospect X, you may end up with "Y" customers in your business.

Why? You may ask.

This is simply because your offer was not exactly what your ideal target market really wanted. Great marketing is a skill and not by luck or chance. It is a well thought out strategy, calculated and tested method that attracts your "ideal customer" exactly as you planned..

Once you get your ideal customer to your front door it is now simply a matter of working with them to keep them coming back time and again...

Have fun with OPIC Quirk, this is where you really get to know and understand your business!

Our objective for OPIC Quirk is for you to learn what marketing is really about, and how you can make sure every dollar you spend is an investment and it’s not a waste of time or money.

Want to learn more about how to attract your ideal customer to your business?

It’s as simple as 1... 2... 3...

2. Send an e--mail Quantum Compass:OPICQUIRK@QuantumCompass.com.au to find out more about upcoming workshops

3. Contact Vinh for a no cost, no obligation coaching session:

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