Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tips to Promote Your Art & Design Business Online FREE! Part 5-Article Submission Sites

Part 5: Article Submission.

Four weeks ago we gave you a brief overview on how to promote your Art & Design business online for FREE!

We talked about blog postings, Guest posting on complimentary blogs, Publishing your own eBook and last week we talked about Online Community and how you can leverage and promote your business online for FREE.

This week the topic is about Articles Submission to Articles directories and how you can participate and promote your Art and Design business.

Article directories are websites that give you the opportunity to submit your articles to their sites for free. The reason we encourage you to use this method is because this will increase your credibility as expert in your creative field. Sharing your knowledge and expertise will help you to   connect with your targeted audience. Also it give you the opportunity to get in touch with other Art and Design communities  which in term will direct traffic back to your website.

 Ezine Articles is the largest, and most respected, online article directory. I am sure you have also come across many similar directories on line.

Here is a list of the top 50 article directories  that  you can leverage in your Art ans Design business. Find the one that match your Art and Design business.

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Tips to Promote Your Art & Design Business Online... FREE!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Finders Keepers Sydney Autumn/Winter Market 1-2 June 2012

Flyer artwork by Andrea Smith
The Finders Keepers  Sydney market  for Autumn/Winter will be  on this  Friday  evening 1st June and all day Saturday 2nd June. The markets will be held at Sydney's contemporary art centre Carriageworks in Sydney’s Inner West.
The Finders Keepers Markets are a bi-annual FREE event that showcases the work of over 65 emerging designers and artists from both local designers to areas all around Australia. In addition to design & art we also showcase some local musicians at our Finders Keepers stage.

Where, When, How?

The next markets are:
Friday 1st June from 6pm – 10pm
Saturday 2nd June from 10am – 5pm

The markets will be held at:
The inside foyer at CarriageWorks - 245 Wilson Street, Eveleigh NSW 2015.
The pedestrian entrance is at the corner of Codrington Street and Wilson Street.
Wheelchair ramp and level access at all entrances. Fully accessible toilets.

Nearest train:
Redfern or Macdonaldtown and its only a short walk from King Street in Newtown.
The markets are free entry and parking is available however it is limited. There is no ATM at the markets and most stalls will trade cash only, please be prepared. For more info about where nearest ATM's are and full list of public transport please see CarriageWorks website - Visiting Us page.
We are expecting thousands of people to visit CarriageWorks over the weekend of The Finders Keepers.  In order to make your visit to The Finders Keepers as smooth and pleasant as possible, we encourage you to leave your car at home! It’s easy to get to CarriageWorks by train, bus or bike. We recommend that you take advantage of the easily accessible public transport and give our local residents (and the planet!) a break rather than clog up the neighbouring streets with cars. Parking on site is very limited. For more information about getting to The Finders Keepers - check the CarriageWorks website click here

CarriageWorks Map
Check out the line-up of stallholders here.


Friday 1st June

6:00pm -  Annie McKinnon 
7:00pm - Cam Mackellar 
8:00pm - Maples
9:00pm - Little Lovers

Saturday 2nd June
10:00am -  Jack Shit
12:30pm - Mountains
1:30pm -  Johnny Took 
2:15pm - Peppercorn Queen
3:00pm - DJ Dylabolical

Source and Images are from The Finders Keepers website:

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tips on how to set your business goals creatively Part 1: OPIC Planner

There are different methods of setting personal and business goals. The key to success is to find different methods  that you are comfortable with and also  it empowers you  to use it on regular bases.  

Let’s look  three methods that we introduce to our ArtSHINE clients:
  1. OPIC goal planner
  2. Visual Goals Planner
  3. Bubble Goal Planner
The first method OPIC  goal  planner

OPIC stands for:  Objective, Planning, Implementation, Commitment

Now let’s look at each point starting with your objectives...

Think about what you want to achieve, what area you want to focus on. There are all sorts of things that you could focus on; personal goals, or business goals. 

Get very specific with your objectives. Be very clear on what it is that you want. Visualise what is is that you’re aiming for. And remember to write you goals in the present tense as if you have already achieve it too.

The next step in this process is the planning step.

Think about all the steps you need to take to make your goals a reality. Again, it’s about being specific. What resources will you need, and how will you best use them?

Write each action step in sequential order.

If your goal is broad, make sure you break down the task into small little steps.

Implementation.This section where you can plan to delegate too. Look at your objectives and your plans. As you roll out those plans and start taking action, think about what you could be delegating to others to be doing for you.

It’s in this step that there’s a real opportunity to create new ways of doing. To create new systems.

Remember to always have measurable validation points at this stage.  

Finally, without commitment nothing will really happen. You can write as many goals as you like. You can have all the action plans, and have all the measurable validation points as you like. But you’ll never succeed in your goals without commitment.

Commitment is about firming your mind and launching yourself towards your goals with no hesitation or fear. It’s about making the decision that nothing will stop you or hold you back. It’s about deciding that every road-block or obstacle in your path is merely another step towards your objective.

With a commitment from your heart, together with your dedicated actions towards your objectives you’ll find your dreams, your passion, and your purpose.

Tune in next week for part 2 on how to set your business goals creatively Part 2: Vision Goal Planner. 

Would you like to learn more about setting your goals the ArtSHINE way?

It’s as simple as 1... 2... 3...

2. Send an e-mail to this ArtSHINE : info

3. Contact Vinh for a no cost, no obligation coaching 

Do this business health check survey:

Monday, May 28, 2012

Inspirational Quote Of The Week

"Happiness is not something ready made. 
It comes from your own actions." 
                                                                                                    - Dalai Lama 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Putting yourself out there... and the possibility of meeting like minded people! -By Marie- Nicole

The Old Bus Depot Markets
Artisan Market,Canberra

To be honest, I’ve never really liked the phrase ‘like minded people’... as it almost implies that, if you don’t think, feel, believe the same as me, then I am sorry we can’t be friends. There has got to be something said for challenging our thinking by engaging with others who have a different point of view to our own, who don’t do things exactly how we do them. There is much to be gained from setting ourselves the kind of challenge that either reaffirms what we believe or makes us question why we really truly believe what we think we believe. Is it because we were told we should believe it when we were growing up? Or is that we’ve developed certain beliefs through our own life experiences? Either way, setting yourself up to be challenged in your beliefs or be open to the beliefs of others can be very rewarding.

I’ve been determined to grow this business organically after my previous business experience where it just seemed to pop up and span out of control over night. So far I have been comfortably working from a dedicated studio & workspace set up here at home, selling online, through boutique stores and friends. But this month I set myself a bigger challenge to put myself out there in the front of potential buyers to possibly meet people who would challenge my thinking or reaffirm my beliefs that there are more people out there that seek the unique, the repurposed, the quality hand crafted goods by local artisans... rather than simply big branded, mass produced, made cheaply overseas where we don’t see the affects on the communities they are made in, only the end result being a lower price! So rather than hiding behind the screen of my online store and the bricks and mortar store owner that stocks my wares or the like minded people in my circle of friends, I put in a lot of extra hours to prepare what I believed to be enough stock to set up my first market stall at a well known long running artisan market in Canberra, The Old Bus Depot Markets.

At the market I experienced the feeling of seeing shoppers walk towards my stall, thinking to myself; “they’ll probably be interested in what I have to offer.” Then witnessed their attention captured, being drawn in to my stall then proceed to engage with my products. It was like they could not stop themselves, touching, feeling, opening things. But even better than that was the experience of having them engage with me, asking lots of questions, giving lots of feedback and just chatting as though we were at some social outing together. Aside from the chatty shoppers, there were the equally chatty & engaging regular stall holders who wanted to meet the newbie, find out what I was about, what I was selling. Then proceeded to share their own experiences and knowledge as long time market stall holders, at this market and others, giving their recommendations, advice & words of encouragement. This was not networking, this was just passionate people trying to support other passionate people. The more passionate people that can work together and support each other the better I say, as it certainly does make for a very interesting and inspiring environment to sell... or shop!

Putting yourself out there to face an array of opinions, possibly like minded, possibly opposing views, can be daunting, especially if you’re not mentally or physically prepared. That is why I wanted to grow my business organically in the first place, to lay down a solid foundation to ensure that my core values in business and life come across in what I create and how my business operates, before taking myself out there to meet the people who I hoped would be looking for what I have to offer. If you feel ready to put yourself out there don’t hold back, get out on the front line and meet the people who are really interested in what you do, what you are offering. They are out there and they’re waiting to meet you!

My suggestions, know yourself, be yourself and choose a market or selling portal that suits what you are about... it does not have to cost hundreds of dollars to set up your stall, but it does have to reach the type of people you are hoping to engage with your products so research the markets available to you and pick the one that suits you and your budget best.

Most of all, enjoy the journey you will embark on in putting your self out there on the frontline.

by marie-nicole

You’ll find me once again at the Old Bus Depot Markets on Sunday June 10, 10am-4pm

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Now Is The Time To Shine! -ArtSHINE 's Quote Book

We are very proud to announce the first publication from Vinh Van Lam at ArtSHINE.

Our first book, an inspirational quote book, is now available for purchase at the Blurb bookstore.

We've published this ArtSHINE inspirational quote book for all of us who are looking for more from our lives, and our Business LifeStyle.

The ArtSHINE inspirational quote book provides us with motivation and encouragement. It allows us to connect our imagination with our daily lives, to be more creative in our vocations, more productive in our Business LifeStyles, and more focused in our Art & Design Practices.

As you consider the words, as you explore the text and images, as you allow yourself to be drawn into the wonderful photographs by Monica Li, and design by Sally Walsh, you’ll discover a whole new, deeper level of meaning.

One of Vinh’s key messages in the book is “Make Tomorrow Today”...

Now is the time to shine!

To view this quote book please click here:

ArtSHINE proudly supports Lymphoma Australia. With every book purchased, a $5 donation will be donated to Lymphoma Australia to help find a cure for Lymphoma disease.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What should you plan for your Art and Design Business?

What should you plan for your business?

What are the planning processes you need?

And how do you make sure you can stay on track and achieve those plans?

In reality we do lots of planning everyday. Most of the time we plan things out in our head, so it’s only us who really knows what’s going on. 

So, how about from now on, transfer all of your planning onto paper?

By planning you will have a real feeling of commitment and you will be more likely to stick with those plans. 

But real success comes not just from undertaking a written planning process.

Anyone can plan... The key is how you to stick to the plan.

Planning provides you with blue print that will help you keep your business moving forward so you can meet all your goals and achieve your dreams.

One of the first steps in the planning process is to define what is your business about...

Why do you want to start your own business?. Who do you want to be?

To answers these questions, whether you’re a new start up, or an existing business, it’s definitely worth exploring or revisiting your vision, mission and values.

So let us explore them together now:

Your vision must be something beyond your reach, It’s not that it’s impossible to achieve, but it must be more than you know you can do today.

A mission statement is your HOW.
This requires 4 key areas:
• Who are you…?
• What business are you in…?
• What are your customers…?
• What make you unique…?

You also need some rules too… VALUES...

The Point of CULTURE in your business. This too requires 4 key areas:

• Values that are vital to you as owner
• Values critical to your business success
• Values core to your customers
• Values important to your team

Knowing your vision, mission, and values may take some time to get right.

And it's okay it you have to take several attempts.

We’d advise you to check in with your plans regularly, ideally once a year, so you can refine them as your business changes and grows.

Would you like to learn how to plan your business the ArtSHINE way?

It’s as simple as 1... 2... 3...

2. Send an e-mail to this ArtSHINE : info

3. Contact Vinh for a no cost, no obligation coaching 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Inspirational Quote Of The Week

"If you take responsibility for yourself you will develop a hunger to accomplish your dreams." 
                                           - Les Brown

Friday, May 18, 2012

Pyrmont Festival of Wine, Food & Art 18 - 27 MAY 2012

During the month of May the village of Pyrmont will be playing host to 10 days celebration of the best wine, food and art from Pyrmont and Mudgee Region.

Pyrmont’s top chefs team up with Mudgee’s finest wine producers with a series of "Meet the Winemaker" wine and food matched lunches & dinners, Cooking Classes,Wine Appreciation, Cheese Master Class.

Duck Confit 
Menu Food

If you love wine and food as much as we do, Pyrmont Uncorks Mudgee is the event you can't miss.

Also don't miss out The 6th annual Pyrmont art exhibitions will be held in conjunction with the food and wine festival.Visit the Pyrmont Uncorks Mudgee festival finale on the 20th May at the award-winning Pirrama Park, Pyrmont. 

Try over 120 wines from 30 of Mudgee’s top winemakers. Tickle your taste buds with unique gourmet cuisine and local produce direct from Mudgee. Bring your picnic rug and choose from a diverse range of cuisines for lunch and be entertained by live acts and music from the best local musicians

Show off your creativity by taking part in the 6th annual Pyrmont Art Prize. Over $3,000 cash worth of prizes to be won.

Ride your bike on Sunday 20 May and join in the Bike and Rider Competition.

So, See you there this Sunday at Pirrama Park, Pyrmont.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

6TH PYRMONT ART PRIZE 2012 - Sunday 20th May

11AM- 5PM

"On Sunday the 20 May 2012, a fantastic day has been organised for the celebration of the sixth annual Pyrmont Art Prize. 

The event will be held in Pirrama Park at the old Police Water site on the panoramic foreshore of Sydney Harbour, at the end of Harris Street, Pyrmont. There will be live music and unique performances are always a special feature of the Festival. This year the festival will include street theatre and local talented musicians who will perform all day on stage. This event presented in conjunction with the Pyrmont Festival’s – Mudgee wine & food in Pirrama Park.
Tickle your taste buds with unique gourmet cuisine and local produce direct from Mudgee. Bring your picnic rug and choose from a diverse range of cuisines for lunch and try some of the 120 wines from 30 of Mudgee regions top winemakers.

All artists are invited to enter the art prize, whether they are well known or not and artists are invited to create an art piece for public display and sale. This popular art event has been well attended by the community in past years, and many beautiful, original artworks may be purchased on the day. The theme of the art show is SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL. All artworks must be 12’x12’ in size and canvases can be picked up from TAP Gallery; 278 palmer St Darlinghurst.
The entry fee of $20/$15 concession includes a canvas (+ $5 for postage, if you want it sent to you)
You can supply your own canvas, however it must be 12’ x 12’ for display purposes at the entry fee is the same.
Judges Andrew Frost, art critic, writer and broadcaster, Kendal Heyes visual artist and Marlene Sarroff, visual artist and Factory 49 committee member will judge and award the prizes on the day.
Pyrmont Art Prize
1st $1,000 cash + exhibition at the Tap Gallery valued at $680 + Alternative Media advertisement valued at $380
2nd $500 cash
3rd $250 cash
People’s Choice Prize
1st $750 cash + exhibition at Culture at Work valued at $500 + Alternative Media advertisement valued at $380
2nd $300 cash
3rd $200 cash
This year the Pyrmont Art Festival has collaborated with Culture at Work and Derivan to widen it’s scope by inviting six local primary schools to participate in a separate exhibition that will be located in the children’s playground at Pirrama Park on Sunday May 20th.
The schools include Ultimo Public School, Glebe Public School, St James Primary School Glebe, Forest Lodge Public School, Darlington Public School and Our Lady of Mount Carmel Primary School in Waterloo.

300 small canvases have been delivered to the schools this week by Sherryl Ryan, Vice President of the Pyrmont Ultimo Chamber of Commerce and CEO of Culture at Work, a not for profit arts organisation in Pyrmont.

Derivan paints supported the purchase of the canvases by supplying them at cost and the Pyrmont Ultimo Chamber of Commerce donated the canvases to the schools. The theme of the schools exhibition is linked to the school curriculum with different stages at different schools choosing topics from The Built Environment, Global Communities, Future Transport, Caring for our Environment engaging creativity and thinking. Each school will receive art materials from Derivan for participating and 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes of art materials will be awarded to the best 3 student artworks.
Judges Andrew Frost, art critic, writer and broadcaster, Kendal Heyes visual artist and Marlene Sarroff, visual artist and Factory 49 committee member will also judge and award the children’s prizes on the day.
This is the first time that schools have been invited to join in the art making for the Pyrmont Art Festival and the response was so fantastic we look forward to inviting more schools to participate in 2013.
Cash prizes for the Pyrmont Art prize have been kindly donated by McCourts Solicitors, Bendigo Bank Pyrmont Community Bank® Branch and Sanctuary Sanitarium, together with materials and goods support from Derivan and Pyramid Trophies.
The Pyrmont Ultimo Chamber of Commerce and Tap Gallery presents with the proud support of Culture at Work, City Hub, City of Sydney, Destination NSWIGA‘How the Locals Like it’, Mudgee Region Tourism, Mid Western Council, Mudgee Wine Grape Growers Association and The Star with other local Pyrmont and Ultimo businesses actively encourage every one to be involved in this fun community event by attending & supporting local and regional talent".

Information are from :

Pure Leverage

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