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International Sourcing Fair + Clothing & Textiles Expo - Melbourne Exhibition Centre

 For Fashion, Accessories, and Homewares

17 to 19 November 2010 

The Australian International Sourcing Fair is all about making business easier. It connects manufacturers with retailers. So as a retailer visiting the Fair you'll find a diverse array of exciting product options from fashion to homeware.

The Australian International Sourcing Fair brings 160 global manufacturers and producers to Australia. 

For a lot of our readers the most interesting note is that the Fair will be combined with another 120 producers from the co-located China Clothing & Textiles Expo. So this provides an invaluable opportunity to meet with over 280 potential manufacturing and business partners.
At the Clothing & Textiles Expo there'll be a large range of materials, apparel, fashion accessories ,and services will be on show. Things like:

Bags Menswear
Beads Publications
Buttons Scarves/Shawls
Childrenswear            Shipment
Eco Materials Trims
Fabrics Womenswear
Jewellery Workwear
Manchester Homewares
Accessories Shoes
Leather goods Textiles

And at the Australian International Sourcing Fair you'll
  • See the latest trends
  • Test and try products
  • Meet with new and existing suppliers
  • Source quality items
  • Learn about country import requirements
  • Meet with over 280 suppliers and manufacturers
The Fair will also host a number of key industry seminars and special feature areas designed to display all the latest products, colours and trends, as well as to inform and educate visitors too...

You can Register to Attend here.


  • Wholesalers,
  • Importers, 
  • Suppliers,
  • Retail chain stores, 
  • Distributors,
  • Private brands,
  • Agents, and
  • Manufacturers.
Dates & Opening Hours
Wednesday 17 November 2010  10am-5pm
Thursday 18 November 2010  10am-5pm
Friday 19 November 2010  10am-3pm

Information and images are from Australian International Sourcing Fair website

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Close Up with Artist - Anna Zarasyan

Artist- Anna Zarasyan

Who (or what) inspires you to do what you love in your own creative business?

Being an artist is a natural way of being for me. Ever since I was a child I knew that my world is ART. That time I didn’t know about the different art forms, so I wanted to be an artist, a singer, an actress, and whatever else at the same time.  The arts for me were the only exciting thing there was, the only thing I was ever interested in. Still is.
Having done many years of training as a musician and an artist, my mind is always flooded with the ideas. What inspires me to do what I love? All things beautiful, such as people, nature, crafts, etc.  I love creating things that generate warm feeling and a sense of hope.  Working with textures in my paintings and interiors is something that is touch inspired.

Conceptually, my art is largely based on realisation that we live in an era of communication media, yet the increasing number of people feels lonely and isolated. We live in the society that has lost the appreciation of value of human touch. Artistically, the concept of human touch could be translated into many things, such as handwritten textormusic manuscript, handmade fabric that heals and protects, or handmade food that nurtures… 

Who (or what) inspires you to do what you love in your own creative business?

Ocean is one of the things in nature I feel deeply connected to. It is always different, always meaningful, simple and sophisticated at the same time. Visually it offers endless possibilities for creating new images.

Bizare Red 
Anna Zarasyan Copyright

What are the five words that people who know you would use to describe you?
Coffee, ocean, art, books, jeans
Tell us about your very first job and what path have you taken since then?
My very first job was as a choral conductor for children’s choir in Kiev. Since then I’ve worked as a freelance conductor, composer, lecturer at the UNSW (Music Composition and Conducting), lecturer at the University of Sydney (Composition and Compositional Techniques and Analysis), full time artist (and found it really tough), interior designer, Feng Shui consultant…

Describe a typical day in your studio space?
There is no particular routine that I follow. This is because most of the time I work on a number of projects at the same time, so I schedule my work around the priorities and deadlines.

Anna in Her Studio
Anna Zarasyan Copyright

There are periods when I do more painting, and there are periods when I work primarily on design projects. On designing days in the morning I usually reply to e-mails, and do other business chores, such as phone calls, banking, etc. After a coffee break at around 11am I start doing design work.

On painting days, I try to be at the studio as early as I can to catch the morning light. The work at the office is scheduled for after the painting session is done for the day. There is no cut off time for my work, sometimes I work quite late, but I do like taking a break in the afternoon to go for a walk on the beach.

As a Solo Graphic Designer, what is your biggest frustration?
As a solo artist, my biggest frustration comes from having to stretch myself between doing creative work, promoting what I do, and having to make living along the way… I do not mind working hard, but it often feels like I am running in circles… 

 Return of the Sun
Anna Zarasyan Copyright

Since you are working at home, can you please tell us about how do you connect with other artists, and your customers (i.e. how do you network)?
I meet other artists at the exhibition openings, but also have my friends who are professional artists, and whom I have known for years. I regularly attend the design events and trade shows to connect with the designers. 

What advice can you offer other creative people who are just starting out and following their passions?
Do what you love. Don’t what you don’t.

What dreams do you still want to achieve or fulfil in your life?
I would like to be able to do creative work without worrying about making living. I would like to exhibit (and sell) regularly with one of the good commercial galleries in Sydney or Melbourne.

Pac Aracade
the interior design project -Wall Mural

Anna Zarasyan Copyright

What is your proudest moment so far?
Becoming a recipient of the Women and Arts Fellowship in 1997. This is when the Multicultural Policy was launched by the Ministry of Culture NSW.

Who do you most want to meet and why?
Giorgio Armani. I admire the quality and timeless elegance of his label. 

What is the most important lesson in life that you have learned?
The long term consequences are the most important thing to consider in any decision. 

What book are you reading right now, and do you have a book you would like to recommend?
Eat that Frog by Brian Tracey

  An interior Design Project
 A digital image of the shop design concept
Anna Zarasyan Copyright

Where do we find you and your artwork?
My website is being built, and very soon the images of my work will be available for viewing on the net.  The information in regards to my musical career is currently available on the numerous websites.  To access it, my maiden name is Anna Pimakhova should be entered

Monday, October 25, 2010

Inspirational Quote of the Week

 "  The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach"
 - Michaelanglo

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Magnolia Square Melbourne at the Malvern Town Hall

From Thursday 21 October - Saturday 23 October

Magnolia Square is on again in Melbourne at the iconic Malvern Town Hall. 

Running from today, Thursday 21 October through till this Saturday 23 October, don't miss Magnolia  Square's "Pop Up" retail store concept overflowing with gorgeous  products from designers, artists, crafters, and artisan food producers from around Australia.


This year Magnolia Square will hold eight events across Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide.

Each location is carefully selected to reflect the essence of Magnolia Square... "Visually delightful, creating an atmosphere which is inspirational and above all truly creative".

 Red Wagon
Every Magnolia Square event selects and presents retailers who are at the top of their creativity and able to fully reflect their skills in their designs, art, and products.

Event Director Nic MacIsaac is constantly seeking that something different... and consistently selecting retailers who not only demonstrate innovative ideas and concepts but also bring all these elements together to create a great shopping experience for Magnolia Square visitors.

 Fudge by Rich

Magnolia Square's curates each event to ensure an uncompromising level of quality and originality. Each event will have new retailers and designers which adds to the existing retail mix. So be on the lookout for the new emerging designers, and the "next big thing".  At each event you'll find those little surprises that will make your eyes light up each and every time.

Magnolia Square is a fantastic platform for  artists, designers, and creative professionals who are ready to grow their brands and take their creative business to the next level.

As a retailer at Magnolia Square you will gain great media exposure and the event already attracts high quality customer visitation.

So, if you happen to be in Melbourne in the next three days it's well worth a visit.

Please leave us a comment if you've been to the show... we'd love to know what you think.

(And if you're coming along to the function on Friday evening, please come up and say hello to Vinh.) 

 Where:  Malvern Town Hall
    Glenferrie Rd Malvern VIC 31 44

  Start Date:   Thursday 21 October 2010
   Finish Date: Saturday 23 October 2010

Opening Hours:

Thursday 21 October 10am-9pm
Friday 22 October 10am-5pm
Saturday 23 October 10-4pm

The Next Event will be:


Oaks Marquee, Randwick - SYDNEY
Randwick Racecourse - Alison Rd, Randwick
Entry $5 includes car parking.  Children free.

Friday November 12th 10am - 9pm
Saturday November 13th 10am - 5pm
Sunday November 14th 10am - 4pm

 All images are courtesy from Magnolia Square Website

Find Your Desire, Passion & Purpose (DPP) Part 2

“Passion and purpose come from your heart and far from your mind.”
”So trust your feeling and instincts”
-Vinh Van Lam

This exercise will assist you clarify and define your top three priorities from your Top 10 list. This exercise will also give you a deeper insight into what you really want, how to bring out your DPP, and how to let it shine.

Please go back and refer to your Part 1 exercise. By now you will have a list of at least 10 or more important things. This process is simple, just follow these easy steps:

1.   Review your list and look at item 1 and 2. Which one would you choose? Practicing this process can also help you make spontaneous decisions in the future.

2.      Ask yourself this question – “If you could only have one, not both, which would I choose?”

3.      If you have difficulty in making a choice, you can also ask yourself this question – “Which without the other would bring me more happiness and harmony?” By asking this question it will help you to prioritise your wants, your needs, and your desires. The answer should become clearer.

4.      If you’re still unsure and don’t know which one to choose. Ask yourself this question - “If I did know which one to choose, which one would I select right now?” Remember trust your instincts and intuitions. In this exercise your first impulse is generally the one to follow.

5.      Be true and honest with yourself when making your choices from the list. Don’t let anyone else cloud your judgement. You choose for yourself, not what other people may think you should be choosing. Finding your DPP is all about you and bringing out the inner you.

6.      Once you have selected your choice between item 1 and item 2 let’s compare the one you selected with the next item on your list (your item 3).

7.      Repeat this same process to choose one of these two over the other going right down your list.

8.      Keep comparing the selected item with the next item on your list until you are left with one final item.

9.      Congratulations! This last item is your first DPP!

1.   Highlight your first DPP and perform the same process again so that you can find your second DPP and then your third… (you can list them on the next page)

Helpful hints:

To stay close to your DPP we suggest you do this exercise every 6 to 12 months. This helps you to fine-tune your inner you, and your desires, passions and purpose. When you are doing the exercise again later you will be astonished about how your choices may change over time.

Now you have your top 3 DPPs. Write them down here:
My Top 3 DPPs:




Well done, and congratulations!

Doing this DPP exercise will make it so much easier for you to set your personal goals when you’re ready.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Close Up with Artist and Producer Brett Ashby

Artist-Brett Ashby

Tell us a little about yourself and what you do.
Brett Ashby is currently working as a full-time Artist/Producer in Melbourne, Australia. (Every picture tells a story! (Developing his own original style, which originated when he explored narrative based photography during a residency in London. A unique style embracing the advancements in technology, grounded by traditional art techniques. Traveling abroad has enabled Brett to archive a vast library of original photographs. The digital library allows him to construct portraits, landscapes or any other image he desires. A documentary style, experimental in its creation, narrative based montage, generating vibrant colour, painstakingly sculpted into a narrative.

Who (or what) inspires you to do what you love in your own creative business?
Art is my life style, I’m fuelled daily by the things around me, I don’t tend to look for inspiration it simply finds me.

Where do you get your inspiration from when you design?
People and places.
When I design I don’t tend to seek inspiration, I see the final artwork in my mind and I set forward and make it happen. Most of my designs un-fold with a diverse selection of world music, beats and rhythms are a designers best friend.

What are the five words that people who know you would use to describe you?
Passionate, Unique, Cre8ive, Funny and Motivated.

 Brett Ashby Copyright

Tell us about your very first job and what path have you taken since then?
I’d say I began as a graphic designer doing some logo developments, things soon changed as I discovered motion, meaning I could animate the logo’s. This sense of motion created interests in camera work, animation and documenting which is all represented in my latest multi-media creations.

Describe a typical day in your studio space?
I couldn’t describe a standard day cause I’m not a 9-5pm designer. Everyday is unique, arrival time, location, State, music, client or project. Any form of multimedia project I get emailed can be tackled, I develop web-sites, illustrate coffee cups, film music video’s, edit travel show content, interview for the news, hire camera’s, send invoices, animate products or spray paint some canvas’s.
Constant elements: funky music, fresh coffee and fun people.

Brett's Office & Studio

As an Artist & Photographer, what is your biggest frustration ?
Long days and a lot of hours. I seem too never turn off, you get surrounded by your projects, art and or creations. A designers holiday/down time, is never the same again, you take a photo or analyse the production quality on Tv and your actually working again :(

Tell us about how you prioritise your studio work.
Everything works on deadlines for me, client work which needs to be produced comes first and then a huge amount of my art adventures wrap around and in between these client jobs.

ArtMelbourne 2010 
Brett Ashby Copyright

Since you are working at home, can you please tell us about how do you connect with other artists, and your customers (i.e. how do you network)?
I work in a creative space working along-side architects, web-developers, designers and illustrators. It’s funky and vibrant daily I like to surround my-self with like minded creatives. Networking is a funny word, not sure if it actually works. It’s more in my mind about talking and venturing out into new circles, become active in gallery openings, visiting other studios, emailing galleries and telling people/friends you’re a designer, from my experience word of mouth is the way forward.

What advice can you offer other creative people who are just starting out and following their passions?
 If you have driven an old car for 1,000 + km and got out with a lower back that really needs a massage ? well.. pursuing your own creative venture can soon feel like this daily. If you stand strong, dream big the only thing that can happen is these long trips will feel better. My hot tip is, review your product may it be (fashion, art or music). If it’s not better or up to an industry standard, go back to the drawing board. If you personally believe in the product your putting out then it’ll grow wings and others will also enjoy it.
Send out your folio but don’t give up, sending around 60 emails a week for six months and only getting one reply is what happened to me, but this reply sent me to New York.

What dreams do you still want to achieve or fulfil in your life?
1,001 dreams to fulfill, so much to do, so little time. Dreams are only deadlines in my mind I cross them off each day, each task leads to the next, I don’t believe in setting a final dream as sometimes you reach it and it’s not exactly perfect. If you are constantly dreaming and ticking them off, every dream has closure.

What is your proudest moment so far?
Working with great people and making creative content which makes a difference.

Who do you most want to meet and why?
Geez this is too open, at this point in time, I’d love to catchup with Sia and produce her next music video. I’m a fan as her quirky style of music sucks me into my I-pod when I’m walking the streets of Melbourne.

 Surrey Hills Art Show 2010
07 August to 08 August 2010.

What is the most important lesson in life that you have learned?
Treat others how you wish to be treated and older people have the answers.

What book are you reading right now, and do you have a book you would like to recommend?
No books in the pipeline, but I guess I’ve been reading up on CSS and Html so I can develop a future artwork in Japan, an interactive canvas.

Where do we find you and your products? 

Online store opening very soon,
stay tuned :o)

Pure Leverage

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