Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sydney Design 10 Festival From 31st-15th August

Sydney Design  2010 is hosting one of the most dynamic programs  ever. The 14th  Sydney Design festival  is showing all around the Sydney city. There will be more than 70 events and activities supported by one common theme ‘tell us a story’.

The Sydney design festival runs for 16 days from Saturday 31 July to Sunday 15 August. The main  producer for this exciting design festival is the Sydney iconic Powerhouse Museum and in partnership with more than 50 cultural institutions, organisations and individuals across Sydney City.

The ‘tell us a story’ theme will reveal the many captivating stories behind design ideas, objects and processes. It will welcome participants to create meaningful conversations with others around design, and enable people to connect with design on a more personal level.

Here is a sneak pick of the event:

Have you got  your Sydney Design Pass?

For just $20, make the most of Sydney Design with a Sydney Design Pass! Visit the Powerhouse Museum as often as you like for 16 days during the festival. Includes unlimited daytime admission between 31 July and 15 August 2010 to: Exhibitions at the Powerhouse Museum (Creating the look: Benini and fashion photography, Australian International Design Awards, Australian Frock stars: inside Australian Fashion Week)
Young Blood: Designers Market and designboom mart on 13, 14 and 15 August
Selected talks after noon events at the Powerhouse Museum (bookings recommended to reserve your seat)

Have lots of fun at the Design Sydney Festival and  let's Honour your Creative Spirit... and let it "Shine"


Friday, July 30, 2010

The SRD Change '10 Graduate Sustainable Design Exhibition August 2-15

 Images from SRD Change

 Inspire... Provoke...Change...

THe SRD Change is an annual exhibition of new graduate design and ideas that address issues of sustainability, environmental change and responsibility, social equity and community. 

So What is the SRD ?

SRD stands for Society for Responsible Design is a Not-For-Profit and Registered Environmental Organisation promoting since 1989. The organisation  is focusing on sustainable design options addressing issues of environmental change, sustainability, social equity, responsibility and community.

The SRD's key objective is to support and promote collaboration between educators of all design streams, designers using sustainable responsible design practices, companies embracing corporate responsibility, manufacturers and the public. By doing so SRD advances information, research and education for significantly better built and living environments, products, services and resource management

The Grand opening night “cocktail” party will be held on Wednesday, August 4th at 6:30PM at the pyd. building, 197 Young St, Waterloo, Sydney. The exhibition runs from 2nd to 15th August, 2010.

The designers who will be exhibiting  are:

Sara Spence - ‘Love Bottle’
Renzo Barriga-Larriviere - ‘The Fire Cube’
Jessica Robertson – ‘Slow Palette’ Slow Fashion and Textile Design

Sara Spence is exhibiting her compostable bottle and is already in discussions with drinks manufacturer Frucor to get her design to market.  Her design bottle  uses a completely recyclable and biodegradable form of plastic made from vegetable starch, called PLA (Polylactic acid). Sara is hoping her design will be branched into food packaging, medical packaging and many more.
Compostable bottle design by 
Sara Spence
The “Fire Cube” design by designer Renzo Barriga-Larriviere. The Fire Cube is a response to the need for emergency shelters if trapped by a bushfire. The Fire Cube is a shelter that can provide fire safety. It is affordable, socially and environmentally relevant and provides an alternative to drastic measures such as concrete bunkers or underground shelters. The Fire Cube can safe many lives particularly in the high risk bush fire areas around Australia.

"Fire Cube" designed by
Renzo Barriga-Larriviere
Slow fashion is also well represented and is a response to mainstream fashion’s damaging environmental and social effects. I needed to find a way to enjoy and create fashion far more than just producing garments.” said Jessica Robertson. “So I researched traditional techniques of producing textiles such as weaving and felting to create my collection. I really like taking the time to enjoy the process.”
Slow Palette Fashion design by
Jessica Robertson

Fashion is becoming a real star of sustainable design. “Once you have created your fashion items using responsible processes and materials, you can be out there selling through boutiques and agents worldwide, without the expensive start-up costs of industrial design.” said Greg from SRD. “

 To learn more about the SRD Change ' 10 Exhibition please contact:

Greg Campbell (Convenor/Curator)                         
Society for Responsible                                            
Phone: 0417 289 601                                            

Jessica Robertson (Exhibition co-organiser)
Design Fashion and Textile Graduate
Phone: 0414 636 348

New Website: launching soon at…

Sydney Design:

I would like to thanks Jessica Roberston for providing me with the SRD Change  information. If you  would like to learn more about Jessica Roberston and her dedication  and passion for "Slow Palette" fashion. You can check out  The ArtSHINE Close Up interview series with Jessica during The Interwoven exhibition  back in June this year.

ArtSHINE Close Up interview with Jessica Robertson:

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Winter Land at the Carriage Works

Here we are at the Winter Land Festival  Carriage Works. It was a great Thursday night with live Jazz music and an ice skate rink full of people having fun dancing and skating around. The place was decorated with an European Winter theme with giant silver ball hung on the ceiling and blue and white mobiles signify Winter in July. Here are some of photos I took at the show last Thursday evening:
Silver Ball to celebrate the Winter Land Festival

Ceiling mobiles

Artist -Anna Reynolds

Live Jazz Music

Ice Skating Rink

Designer-Sally Walsh 

IMOK-Jen & Sandra

 IMOK 's lettering


You only have this week to visit the show 
(from Thursday 29- Sat 31 July)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Questions to ask before you join an Art Gallery

 Nelson Bay- Pastel on paper
 By: Vinh Van Lam 

What do you do when a gallery expressed interest in your  Artwork?

Here are some questions that you should be asked the gallery owner before making any decision. By asking these questions  you then can draw up a decision whether that particular gallery is best suited to you and your Art business.

Who is the owner(s) of the gallery?

2.Who are the people working in the gallery?

3. What is the period of the contract?
     Is it for a Fixed term? 
    Multi Year Agreement?
    Contingent on sales? (informal contract)
4. What options do I and the gallery have to extend the term of the exhibition?

5. Can I terminate the contract in the event of the owner’s or director’s 
death, or  

    there is a change of ownership or relocation of the gallery?

6. In the event of the gallery’s bankruptcy or insolvency what is my right for 

    terminating the contract?

7. What is the commission fee involved?

8. How much art  do I need to submit for each exhibition?

9. How long is each exhibition or show?

10. What is the procedure if I want to take back my artworks , how much notice do I 

      need to give?

11. Where will my  artworks be shown?

  •  On site? or Off site? 
  •  Will my artworks be visible to visitors or hang in a reserve room?
12. Will my artworks ever exhibit outside of the gallery? Will I be
      informed when my artworks leave the gallery?

13. Will you promote my work and send press releases on my behalf? Will  I have 

      the right to see it  before it gets send out?

14. Do you have a marketing plan in place for my show?

15. Do  you offer discounts to buyers?If you do how much? Will the discount be

     deducted from my share of the profit?

16. What insurance cover do you  have in placed for my artwork?
  •  What are the terms and conditions of the insurance policy?
  •  Does it cover the full retail value of my work?
  •  Is my art work protected in-transit and in the gallery? 
  •  Do you take full responsibility for loss or damage to my artwork from the   time you received  it and to the time it is returned to me?
  • If there my Artwork in Damaged in the gallery, who chooses the restorer?
  • How will I be compensated?
17. What is your sales objective do you have in place  for my Artwork?

18. Who are your key clients? 

19. Do you joint venture with other businesses, such as Interior decorators or 

20. May I contact your current or past artists for reference

So now you have these questions with you  what is your next step???

Want to learn more about how to approach your next Art exhibition & Art business the Quantum Compass- ArtSHINE way?

It’s as simple as 1... 2... 3...

1: Like  ArtSHINE's Facebook page

2: Come along to the ArtSHINE workshops in Sydney:

3: Contact Vinh for a no cost, no obligation coaching session on 8060 9321, or 0410 636 138. Click here:

Pure Leverage

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