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Close Up with Fran Murrie founder of Tres Divin

Tell us a little about yourself and what you do.
I am mother of 2 gorgeous children and business owner of Tres Divin. We specialise in divine packaging including beautiful ribbons, unique gift wraps, exquisite gift tags, present toppers…..all french inspired.

Who (or what) inspires you to do what you love in your own creative business?
My dad who always had his own business inspires me to do what I love.

Where do you get your inspiration from when you design & create?
I read a lot of different magazines and visit website from all over the world to see what is current, in trend & fashion both locally and internationally. I need to be ahead of the game to assist my customers and clients to stay ahead. I create my own designs so they may come from anywhere around the world which I think people will love and enjoy.

What are the five words that people who know you would use to describe you?
Perfectionist, honest, trustworthy, creative, fun, loyal (6…I couldn’t help myself)

Tell us about your very first job and what path have you taken since then?
After my degree I went into event management for not for profit. What a great start. It taught me to be organised and creative on a shoestring budget. Loved it and really loved organising events as it got down to the heart of everyone pulling together for a worthwhile cause. I subsequently moved to larger organisations with bigger events to organise, bigger budgets and of cause more chaos. I really enjoyed the event management world however I really wanted to do my own business and work it in with my children’s lives.

Vintage Stamp Set - 

Describe a typical day in your studio space?
Hectic! Running your business is about being disciplined about everything you do….because you do everything! Accounting, sales, marketing, business development, packing, creative, ordering…..I could go on & on.

As a business owner, what is your biggest frustration?
Trying to do it all.
Tell us about how you prioritise work.
I am a definite list person. Everyday I make a list and mark off as I go. The list in the day unfortunately gets longer and longer. Making list and marking it off is actually satisfying once I have completed a task.

Tell us more about Life InStyle trade fair that you will be exhibiting next week?
The Life inStyle trade show runs from 2nd to 5th August at the Melbourne Showgrounds.  The Life Instyle is a boutique trade event which really suits my product range. It is made up of some amazing and beautiful designer brands with a high focus on innovation and creativeness for the retail industry. It features a range of giftwares, homewares, lifestyle and kids products

Since you are working at home, can you tell us about how do you connect with other creative people, and your customers (i.e. how do you network)?
Over the years I have just connected with people, mainly small business working mums. The cross section of people and their diverse backgrounds are really amazing.  I connect via social media as well as the personal relationships and friends I have made along the way. As I supply stores and have a large number of repeat customers I will often get immediate feedback on my product range…what works and what doesn’t.

Vintage Stamp Set 

What advice can you offer other creative people who are just starting out and following their passions?
I think the initial business plan is essential. Go over it again and again. Is it honest, robust and realistic? Test it with a variety of people both potential customers and clients. Is there a market for your product?

Do what you do to make you happy and stay focused. Be resilient and work hard to make it work for you and your family.  

What dreams do you still want to achieve or fulfil in your life?
Spend a long summer traveling around France with my family.

What is your proudest moment so far?
I was really proud of my 1st International sale. I really enjoyed shipping this particular order to Canada. I created this product and someone overseas had sourced me. They really liked what I had created…very cool!  

Who do you most want to meet and why?
Oprah. I just love her. She inspires me to keep doing what I believe and be considerate of others. I have always thought she is a great person.

What is the most important lesson in life that you have learned?
Family…friends….business. In that order. Life is so important and we must truly give time to those we love the most 1st.

What book are you reading right now, and do you have a book you would like to recommend?
“The Summer without men” by Siri Hustvedt. I would recommend anything by Kate Morten. She is an Australian writer of historical mysteries  

Where do we find you and your products?
My Website:



Monday, July 30, 2012

Inspirational Quote of the week

Vacations travels and places

ArtSHINE on Pinterest

 "Don't start living tomorrow,tomorrow never arrives.  
Start working on your dreams and ambitions today".                                   

                                      ~ Anon xxxx

Friday, July 27, 2012

What Does Success Mean to You and your business?

"A quitter never wins and a winner never quits"Napoleon Hill

I am sure that from time to time you may have thought about the question "What makes a person successful?"

Now I want you to stop thinking about this question, and i want you to ask yourself "What does being successful mean to me?"

As coaches we often ask our clients to define what success really means to them and to their business?

So, how do you define success? Do you define success by:
  • How much money you earn?
  • How well your business is doing?
  • What type of car do you drive?
Success has different meaning for everybody.
Success can be measured different ways too, and it all depends on your point of view.

Let 's look at some examples here:

A Hollywood actor may want to beat his Academy award record.
An Athlete may want to beat her "Personal Best".
A Fashion Designer may measure her success by having her label ranged in a major department store.
Because we all define and measure success differently it's important to set specific goals.

"A quitter never wins and a winner never quits"~ Napoleon Hill

I like this quote from Napoleon Hill.

If you quit then you'll never succeed in your goals and you won't reach your dreams either.

Successful people you know never quit and that is the whole reason why they end up successful.

Now of course, success doesn't come as easy as you may think. It takes lots of effort and time. You need to be persistent in order to become successful.

Do you know what you want? Do you have what it takes to succeed - clear goals and focus? 

And how are you planning to keeping yourself motivated?

Well, we have some tips you may find useful:
  • Get help. Find a business coach or a mentor to work along side you and to hold you accountable.
  • Set a clear purpose  and goals for you to achieve. Display them somewhere visible so you can see them everyday.
  • Create a vision board with images and quotes that inspire and motivate you to achieve your goals. Pin it somewhere that you can see it.
  • Listen to motivational CDs or music that stimulate your mind and to keep you focused and motivated.

If you want to be successful in your business make sure you don't give up. Keep track of your goals, and don't get distracted with other unrelated tasks.

Would you like to learn more how to build your success the ArtSHINE way?

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Patone Womens Fashion Colour Report for Fall/Winter 2012-2013

"From love potions and the magical hour of sunset to witches and warlocks, fantasy and illusion are inspiring designers this fall season. With an unexpected mix of darks, brights and neutrals, they cleverly manipulate reality to transport consumers to an enchanting place, free from the stresses of everyday life.
“By playing to consumers’ practical side with versatile neutrals, and boosting their confidence with bold, spirited hues, this skillfully balanced palette has something for everyone,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®.
As the season transitions from the heat of summer, Bright Chartreuse, a vital yellow-green, pays homage to a typical spring shade and creates a bridge into the cooling days of fall. Reminiscent of bright green foliage, it provides a perfect accent to every color in the palette.
Like the name implies, Pink Flambé is a delicious, vibrant pink with a bit of heat to it. Pair it with vivacious and enticing Tangerine Tango for an ongoing retro feeling. Or, to bring a calming element to the mix, combine these vibrant warm tones with Ultramarine Green, a deep, cooling blue-green. Ethereal Rhapsody is a grayed-down purple that also encourages comfort and serenity with its quiet, muted tone.
Honey Gold, a mellow, burnished yellow, suggests the soft-muted tones of sunlight to brighten a fall day. Pair it with sensible and strong Olympian Blue, a patriotic blue that will surely make its way into fall and winter athletic apparel.
Rich and robust, French Roast is a tasty, sophisticated hue that is a great alternative to the black and charcoal basics typically worn in the fall. Other staple neutrals include elegant and versatile Titanium, the quintessential cool gray, and Rose Smoke, a veiled rose tone that pairs well with Rhapsody and Titanium.
For nearly 20 years, Pantone, the global authority on color, has surveyed the designers of New York Fashion Week and beyond to bring you the season’s most important color trends. This report previews the most prominent hues for fall 2012."

Images & Source:

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pantone releases Fall/Winter 2012/2013 color trend forecasts

How do you work out the fashion colours for your next  Winter collection?

If you still have concern with this, Pantone, the authority on colour, has launched its Fall/ Winter colours for 2012/2013.

The colours include many shades you have seen from Spring 2012 . The colour reports is like a Fashion bible for designers and it's a guide to which colours will make the best investment heading  into Fall/ Winter 2012-2013.

You will see most of the colours from Spring 2012 will carry through to the Fall and Winter 2012/2013. However, hues are slightly darker than what was seen on the Spring 2012 fashion colours. Overall  the basic colour family is still remained the same, which would making it easy to see which colors will stay, and which ones will be out of trends.

The photo below is just a snapshot of the colours that you will see for this Fall/Winter 2012/2013:

Which colour is your favourite? 

Which colours would you use for your next Winter Collection?

Tune in this Thursday we will share with you the Womens Fashion colours for Fall/Winter for 2012/2013.

For more information please visit pantone.com

Images ans source:

Monday, July 23, 2012

Inspirational Quote of the Week

"Nothing Will happen until YOU Decide to make it Happen". 

                                              - PETER CARVELL 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

What is Desire, Passion and Purpose? (DPP)

Photography by Monica Li

As coaches we encourage our clients to tap into their Desire, Passion and Purpose.

So what is Desire, Passion and Purpose (DPP) ?

Desire - The term desire means to express a longing wish or crave for something to fulfil you life. LOVE WHAT YOU DO!
Passion is an irresistible action and drive for something that is desired intensely. FOLLOW YOUR DESIRE.
Purpose- is a result or goal of an action intentionally undertaken.  Purpose is a very specific task that move you and your Business LifeStyle to the right direction to achieve your goals. Your purpose will give you a real reason for you to complete all the tasks  you set so you can move closer to your desire or dream.

In the same way, Passion & Purpose are the actions taken on the way to your desire or dream. It is very hard to achieve your desire or dream without taken action or to achieve some goals.

Keep in mind, Your DPP must be in sync with one another in order to reach your destiny and outcome.

Life is too short not to do what you love and not follow your passion.

SO, what is your Desire, Passion and Purpose?

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Two ways for a New business owner to earn a living from their passions


Here are a couple of ways make a living doing what you love.

Firstly It's important to understand what you are going to sell :

Selling products or
Selling services

So, what's the difference between selling a product and selling a service?

A product is first created and then sold. And a service is first sold and then delivered.

With a product you can show it to your prospective buyers before they making a purchase.

With a service, you can present your expertise and your concepts to the prospective client and agree on a delivery time frame.

A product is mostly sold by a per item, or a per unit basis. And a service is usually sold on an effort basis, that is by the hour, or the the completed task.

An example... Just say you really love drawing. What could you do to earn a living out of drawing?

Here's a few ideas you may like to think about:

● Become an Illustrator or an Artist
● Become an Art Teacher and run workshops and lessons
● Run an Art and Design business

As you can see, all these jobs are different, but they all involve turning a passion for drawing into an income. If you have a passion and you live and breathe it, then there are many ways to turn your passion into income too. Be creative and look for different options.

Sometimes you have to test and measure to determine which way would best fit with your skills and passions.

1.Selling your Art & Design products

The value is in the product you make, and as long as there is some demand, you can keep creating and selling your products. Your key focus here is to make sure you have enough stock to supply your customers. It is advisable to have systems in place to handle production, delivery or shipping, and marketing.

Keep in mind though, doing it all on your own may translate into lower returns when you consider your own time spent in the business.

2.Selling your services

These could be a one off service, or it could be on-going service. In some business you may need to deliver only once but continue collecting returns i.e. selling a website service or membership base where you collect recurring hosting fees or membership fees, or if you offer tutoring service, there are monthly fees to be collected for classes or workshops.

Ensure that your Quirk (the thing that makes you unique) will give you a competitive advantage. As service bases businesses you 'll facing lots of "Me too" competition. That's because competitors can also replicate your ideas. So, better to be the leader in your field than a follower.

Would you like to learn more how to build your business the ArtSHINE way?

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Close Up with Chiang Mai Water Colour Artist Wuth Srakaeo

Tell us a little about yourself and what you do.
 I am from a small town  near Surin in Eastern Thailand. At the age of 13 I became a Buddhist novice at the local temple and ordained as a monk when I was 20. At that point I had moved to Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand and my main Wat was Wat Kat karem – it is usual for a monk to move around to different temples. After 6 years I disrobed and moved to work in Bangkok so that I could help my family (I am the oldest child).

In between working in the capital I was also a singer/dancer in a touring Thai country band (see ). The name does not really describe it properly as there is no equivalent entertainment in the West – I suppose the closest would be a very large cabaret act with a full band and upwards of 80 backing dancers! Back in the capital I was given the chance to take up painting with a local tutor and took it, initially as a hobby, but soon I realised how much I enjoyed it – I  captured again that wonderful feeling of freely sketching and painting that I had before I became an adult. I found myself looking forward to getting home after work about midnight (I was still working in a restaurant) and painting until 3am!

Forest Monks

The biggest change in my outlook, and the motivation for my decision to try to make a living from my art, came upon returning to Chiang Mai in 2010 and beginning my study under Ajarn Thanakorn Chijinda (Ajarn is a Thai honorific meaning  teacher / master). Since then I have started teaching and exhibiting my watercolours of South East Asian landscapes and urban scenes.

Who (or what) inspires you to do what you love in your own creative business?
That would have to be my Ajarn, Thanakorn Chaijinda.

Where do you get your inspiration from when you paint?
That is not so difficult here in Chiang Mai as we’re surrounded by wonderful temples and natural beauty. My initial inspiration often came from my favourite artists Robert Wade, John Singer Sargant and John Pike. Not that I paint like them!


What are the five words that people who know you would use to describe you?
Jai dee literally good heart  in Thai, fun, karaoke-addict!

Tell us about your very first job and what path have you taken since then?
It began with a commission for two large watercolours from an acquaintance who had seen some of my earlier sketches. I must admit to have been a little anxious when I handed them over but he was very happy with them and they now hang on his wall in Oslo. Since then it has been a mixture of commissions, painting for myself or for exhibitions, and teaching. Word of mouth has been the main source of my work.

 Teaching Studio

Describe a typical day in your studio space?
Studio space... well my real studio space could be sitting on the floor of the main room in our small wooden bungalow or at the current exhibition, or sketching outside, or with other artists at a gathering with Ajarn Thanakorn. An artist friend, Chris Chun, kindly shares his studio space with me but I’m not often there. I think it must have been all those late nights painting on my own whilst sitting on the floor that makes me a bit of a solitary artist!

As a Solo Artist, what is your biggest frustration?
I do love being solo artist so my biggest frustration is not related to that it is of a more practical nature - getting a reliable source of good quality painting supplies!


Since you are working from home, can you please tell us about how do you connect with other artists, and your customers (i.e. how do you network)?
 I belong to a group of watercolour artists who all met under the tutelage of Ajarn Thanakorn here in Chiang Mai. We frequently get together at Ajarn’s house for sketching, teaching, food and gossip. Other connections arise from local galleries and via friends here and abroad. At the moment most of my customers are friends of friends who come to our exhibitions or commission a painting. I’m hoping to expand that by better targeting the exhibitions.

What advice can you offer other creative people who are just starting out and following their passions?
It can take time and there will be setbacks but the payoff when it comes is unlike anything else you will experience.


What dreams do you still want to achieve or fulfil in your life?
It is not a very Thai thing to talk openly of one’s dreams! But if I had to say, it would be the thought of finding a way to travel to paint; here in SE Asia or Australia. I think the best way would be by arranging an artist residency so I am starting to look for some for next year.

What is your proudest moment so far?
A small thing which strangely follows on from the last question. A few days ago, at our group exhibition, I got into a conversation with an Italian artist who is over here for a short holiday and was very happy to receive an offer of the use of his studio space in his and his wife’s villa in Italy!


Who do you most want to meet and why?
Robert Wade – outside my teacher, he was my first inspiration for painting.

What book are you reading right now, and do you have a book you would like to recommend?
“John Pike paints Watercolours”. I really only read books on watercolour painting.

Where do we find you and your artworks? (list stores & links, websites )

Current group exhibition is at Suriwong Book Center, Chiang Mai, until the end of July http://maps.google.com/maps?q=suriwong+book+center+chiang+mai&fb=1&hq=suriwong+book+center

Wuth sketching with Children in Burma

Pure Leverage

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