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What is Copyright? IP Part 4

What is copyright?

Copyright protects the original expression of ideas, not the ideas themselves. It is free and automatically safeguards your original works of art and literature, music, films, sound recording, broadcasts and computer programs from copying and certain other uses. Copyright is not registered in Australia.

Material is protected from the time it is first written down, painted or drawn, filmed or taped. Copyright material will also enjoy protection under the laws of other countries who are signatories to the international treaties, of which Australia is a member.

Copyright protection is provided under the Copyright Act 1968 and gives exclusive rights to license others in regard to copying the work, performing it in public, broadcasting it, publishing it and making an adaptation of the work. Rights vary according to the nature of the work. Those for artistic works, for instance, are different to those for literary and musical works.

Although making copies of copyright material can infringe exclusive rights, a certain amount of copying is permissible under the fair dealing provisions of the legislation.

Copyright doesn't protect you against independent creation of a similar work. Legal actions against infringement are complicated by the fact that a number of different copyrights may exist in some works - particularly films, broadcasts and multimedia products.

Consider using a copyright notice

Although a copyright notice with the owner's name and date is not necessary in Australia, it can help prove your ownership of the copyright, and is necessary to establish copyright in a few overseas countries. It can also act as a deterrent to potential infringers.

Copyright is lost if the owner applies a three-dimensional artistic work industrially. In such a case, it is necessary to register the design if protection is required.

Duration of copyright

This varies according to the nature of the work and whether or not it has been published.
Depending on the material, copyright for literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works generally lasts 70 years from the year of the author's death or from the year of first publication after the author's death.

Copyright for films and sound recordings lasts 70 years from their publication and for broadcasts, 70 years from the year in which they were made.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Life Instyle Selectively Showcasing The Business of Design

Commencing From 4th-7th August 2011
At The Royal Exhibition Building  Carlton,Melbourne

Life Instyle boutique trade event is back again next week  4th-7th August. The event will be featuring beautiful designer gift and homewares brands from the likes of Scoops, Down to the Woods, Helen Kaminski.

The show is divided into three separate sections – Life Instyle (the main event), First Instyle (showcasing products from new designers) and Kids Instyle (kids toys and clothes). The show is taking place in the beautiful surrounds of the Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton,Melbourne. This is the show you don't want to be missed.

Life Instyle

This even is ideal for a small boutique and are looking for next season’s must-have item, run a quirky homewares, gifts, kids or lifestyle website, or you’re on a buying mission for a large department store, this unique trade only event offers a relaxing alternative to the mainstream.

The designer brands are creative and original, allowing buyers to wave goodbye to typically manic exhibitions, and browse within a hassle-free environment. All Life Instyle exhibitors are selected by a jury for their high quality and fashionable, up-to-date design.

First Instyle

Life Instyle’s boutique trade event delivers a mix of beautiful designer brands sourced from a diverse range of companies featuring homeware, giftware, lifestyle and kids products. The show offers a unique trade only event dedicated to showcasing a collection of products that demonstrate creative excellence and design within a beautiful shopping environment.

All Life Instyle exhibitors are selected by jury for their high calibre product and demonstrated commitment to good design. 

kids Instyle

Visitors, such as local and international buyers, interior designers, stylists and the media, looking for the most exclusive brands in the country, enjoy the relaxing ambience and open floor plans that have become the trade mark of Life Instyle.

Some of the key features that set Life Instyle apart include;

• Offering buyers a stylish alternative to the main stream gift fair
• Showcasing up to 300 selected exhibitors and 500+ brands under one roof
• Featuring Kids Instyle, the best in kids fashion and designer accessories
• Introducing new and emerging designers to our visitors in the First Instyle installation
• Presenting a diverse range of design oriented homewares, gift, lifestyle and kids product 
• Delivering a beautiful environment and atmosphere for our visitors to shop in

It is the little extras that we offer to both our exhibitors and visitors that make a visit to Life Instyle a memorable one and a highly anticipated event for all industry attendees.

If you are interested in exhibiting with Life Instyle please Apply to Exhibit

To attend a Life Instyle trade show, register here for the coming event.

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“And what do you do?...”

You’re at a party or a networking function.

How many times are you asked the question...“So, what do you do?”

And isn’t the whole conversation shaped by how you answer it!

We may not like it, but by how we answer (or don’t answer), that question is critical to how we’re perceived.

Finding ways to answer this question honestly, with excitement, with passion, and with purpose means that we can inspire others. It means that we can engage in real and meaningful conversations about what we do with people you are genuinely interested in finding out more about what we do.

What we talk about here is for you to create your own “elevator speech” to learn more click here

There’s also another side to this too...

How we answer this question has much to do with how we feel about ourselves too, and how we value our creative work.

It is essential to get very clear on what it is that you do. And what you offer...

Here’s some examples:

·    “I design handbags that are functional, stylish and well hand made. I only use vintage fabrics
and my bags are only produced in limited edition of 20 in each fabric design”.

·    “I help passionate people transition from full time employment to self employment
and do what they love doing”.
·    “I work with fashion retailers and help them create fashionable catalogues that are strategically targeted to their target audience”.

·    “I help clients get clear what’s really important to them and their business, and work alongside them as we take action!

Now’s the time to get crystal clear on WHY you are who you are, and WHAT you want to be known for!

Tap into your Desire, Passion, and Purpose (DPP), by getting to the truth of what you love doing and this will have you soaring high in your new creative business.

That’s why we recommend completing the DPP test every six to twelve months.

That way you are always in tune with what you want and what you love doing!

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How you should aim For 1% Improvement Everyday!

Today I would like to share with you my idea of 1%+ everyday and how I have implemented it into my own daily routine!

 So what does is it mean?

I am aiming for a 1%+ improvement every single day!

That's right!  I am sure you can all agree that a 1%+ improvement is something we are all capable of doing. Wouldn't you agree?

Well, the power of this is that if you do this every single day, then you will completely transform your business and your  life to where you want to be  in less than 1 year.

In fact, you will be 3,700 times better by the end of this year.  This is also why Einstein used to say that "the power of compounding is one of the most powerful forces in the world."

Now, please don't take this scenario seriously. Why?

Because a 3,700 % improvement is impossible!  If I could do that, perhaps I could fly to the moon by now.

The key message is that I want you to aim for a better today than you were yesterday,

Remember this:

      "Tomorrow is a promise.
                              Yesterday is gone
                                                So make tomorrow today"
                                                                              ~Vinh Van Lam

So for you to achieve this, you need to set purpose goals everyday. Know what you want to achieve or set out specific tasks you would like to complete today. By having daily goals or a To Do List would give you the real purpose today to out do your yesterday event.

Also don't forget to review it at the end of the day to see how you are tracking too.  By reviewing your business in a daily basis you can acknowledge what you have achieved everyday and look out for things that require your attention too.  Make sure you celebrate your wins and gains everyday, share it with yourstakeholders and even just a pat on the back will do wonders to your confidence and motivation.

So please try this 1%+  everyday. If you have a great story to share please leave a comment here.

Make Tomorrow Today!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Close Up Interview with Katy Richfield-Goode from Butler Goode Gallery

Tell us a little about Butler Goode Gallery and your role?

The Butler Goode Gallery specialises in exhibiting Contemporary European, Australian, Indigenous and International Art work. The Gallery predominantly showcases established and emerging artists that have not be shown in Sydney and in most often cases Australia before. We exclusively present a worldly collection of prestigious art work by sought after international artists, giving our customers an exclusive insight into not only the Australian art scene but the current global art market.

Because the Butler Goode Gallery has such an eclectic and diverse portfolio of art work , we always have something in the gallery to offer everyone , from our first time art buyers to our regular art collectors. The gallery concept is that art is for everyone to enjoy and not just the elite, therefore we present ourselves as a very approachable gallery that has all different styles of art to match any budget or taste.

Greg Butler Katy Richfield-Goode Dan Goode

What are the five words that people who know you would use to describe you and your business?
Welcoming. Professional. Worldly. Eclectic. Innovative

What was the purpose on starting your Art Gallery and how has the concept come about?
I have been dealing in art in London and Europe for over the past twelve years in many prestigious art galleries such as The Richard Green Gallery and Christies Auction House to name a few, and upon  moving to Australia it instantly struck me that the variety of art work in the majority of the galleries here was lacking. I was consistently the same established names being shown over and over again and offering little else with a far wider appeal to not only the Australian but the global art market. I really felt it was an enormous shame for the Australian public to be missing out on so much fantastic international art work which is not being represented here.

There are of course so many talented Australian artists to choose from and support, many of whom we show in the gallery but why stop there, why make peoples options so limited that they only have what’s immediately on their door step to choose from, it is a big wide world out there and Australia should be able to enjoy and benefit from that also.

223 Butler Goode Gallery Paddington Five Ways Sydney

I see our role as to offer the Australian public something fresh and exciting to look at .Our main focus is to be as welcoming and as informative as possible to anyone who wants to enjoy or understand more about the art. Most of the general public say they find art galleries intimidating places where they do not feel confident to ask about the art and its meaning, where as we are always happy to encourage clients to engage with the art work and how to gain a greater understanding of the art buying process and market. Our role is to help guide any customer through their decision process of buying an art work and help them find the right piece for their budget, taste and what can most  compliment them and their home, office space or for  their investment portfolio.

What are the most common issues that relate to artists who come to see you in your Art Gallery?
I continually meet very talented artists, who sadly really struggle to make a good living out of their craft or to make a reputable name for themselves because sadly they are creative people and not business people, which is why so many of them go unnoticed. The Butler Goode Gallery excels at guiding our emerging artists through the market and provide the best marketing and PR support we can for them to help their talent be recognised internationally. We exhibit their work not only in the gallery , but regularly show case their art work at international art fairs, and we continually have a strong presence in the arts and media press so our artists always receive fantastic coverage during their exhibitions with us. We work hard on their behalf to make their work as internationally successful as possible.

Tell us more about your services that you provide to the Art industry?
 We are exclusively bringing internationally renowned and award winning art work to Australia which has never been viewed here before and I think that is incredibly exciting and refreshing. We offer our clients the opportunity to own a fantastic piece of work that so far only important art collectors in Europe can boast to owning. We offer our clients the ability to boast a far rarer collection of work than what can be seen in many of the art collections in Australia that are so often repeatedly displayed in galleries, corporate offices and homes.

Tell us about your process for working with clients?
We consult to anyone who wants to buy art work for their home to match their image, identity and style to advising collectors on art investment options. We offer home approval services to anyone who wishes to try a piece in their home first before committing to a purchase so they can visualise living with that piece at home. We also work closely with Interior designers to help find the perfect painting for their latest brief. We often visit client’s homes or locations to advice on the best possible options available to them.

Artist Jacqui Doran "Chancy"

What advice can you offer to artists who are looking for a gallery to represent their art?
I would suggest they do their research and find a gallery that is relevant to the type of art work they produce, and send them a well written and well presented email with their current biography noting their career to date. A well presented website of their work is the best platform to show their art as it looks far more professional than a few images attached to an email.

They should set the scene about their work and their inspiration for painting and their influences. This insight to their work often really helps the viewer get a greater understanding of the art work they are looking at and its meaning.

Try to exhibit at the art fairs and biennales to help build a name for themselves, these are great place to get yourself noticed by the art industry and art buying public and is often where I meet many of the artists I represent.

Artist Claire Layman-"Ice Oyster"

Do you have a book that you would like to recommend?
I continually read extracts from “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne as it really helps to motivate me and remind me that I can achieve anything if I put my mind to it , and that positive thinking attracts positive outcomes, even on the toughest of days I find these teachings very uplifting.

Where do we find your services? (list office, links websites & contact personnel)
223 Butler Goode Gallery Paddington Five Ways Sydney 2021 T:+61 (0)2 9361 0937

Do you have a special offer to the ArtSHINE community?

In August we will be featuring an exclusive collection of Claire Layman paintings in her solo show “Fluid Dimensions” from the 11th-28th August, but in July we are offering a limited time only pre-release prices of her work, so there has never been a better time to invest in her work than this month. Please see this link to get a preview of the art work to be shown in August

Please contact the gallery for further details:  

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WEEK 9 Boost Your Weight Loss

WEEK 9:  Boost your weight loss

      Kmaru  Fitness Coach

"I have been working out for the past few months and eating clean every 6 days in a week and yet it takes ages for my weight to drop". Sound familiar?

Good morning and how are you today?

Obviously everyone is good and we're in the 9th week of Healthy Lifestyle Program.
From today onwards it will get much more interesting and fun to do.

So how do you lose that extra weight?

Build muscle by performing resistance training.
- Muscle burn calorie at rest
- More muscle means more calorie burn

Cardiovascular/ aerobic exercise
-Keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water

Snack attack or snacking between meals helps increase your metabolic rate.
- Thermogenesis (Digesting, absorbing, transporting and storing the food you consume also takes calories)

Consume more protein in your diet
·  Protein contains 4 calories per gram
·  Carbohydrates contain 4 calories per gram
·  Fat contains 9 calories per gram
A high carbohydrate in the diet causes an insulin (a "storage" hormone) output in the pancreas. It is used to store glycogen, amino acids into muscles, while causing excess calories to be stored as fat.

- Caffeine helps increase the level of circulating fatty acids; this does mean that it helps in enhancing fat oxidation.
- Drink 2 to 3 cups of coffee per day and your body will start burning calories faster

Get Active
- Let’s get moving, look for ways to walk and move around an extra few minutes in your daily basis.
- Increase your general physical activity throughout the day by walking instead of driving.

Keep in mind that how you look is important than the scale.

Action Plan
Practice the program daily and you'll see changes within a week
Snack on fruits and vegetable 
Have coffee without sugar

Next week topic

Healthy Lifestyle A Way of Life

Learn More About Healthy Lifestyle:

WeeK 1: 
Healthy Lifestyles "It's Now Or Never"
Week 2: 
Healthy Lifestyles "The First Step"
Week 3: 
Healthy Lifestyles "The Food Pyramid"
Week 4: 
Healthy Lifestyles "Target Heart Rate"
Week 5: 
Healthy Lifestyles "The Benefit of Exercise"

To Contact Fitness Coach Kmaru:

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Pure Leverage

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