ArtSHINE Weekly Blog Schedules


Start with Inspirational Quote of the week. 
Quotes we collected over the years from inspirational people around the whole.

ArtSHINE's Healthy Lifestyle
A weekly mini blog focusing on Healthy Lifestyle present by ArtSHINE associate Kmaru from Muscle Activation


Close Up interview series with Artists & Designers.
We interview different artist, designer, crafter or artisan each week and share the interview with you. This is to inspire and hopefully you can inspire  too and to follow your passion and do what make you happy and fulfil you in your life.


Business Tips.

We share our learning with you. Business tips that will help you with your creative business. The areas we focus on are:
  • Goal Setting
  • Planning
  • Marketing
  • System
  • Financial & Cash flow

Discovery Day.

We share what we find in the art and design industries. From places and event we visited to up coming  seminars and workshops.


Art Licensing World.
We share with you Art Licensing world. How you can earn good residual income from your art.

First Friday of each month:

Close Up interview series with industry experts and professionals

We interview different industry exerts and to share what they do and how they can help you with your Art and design business.

Saturday & Sunday:
Refresh days. Days to connect and reconnect with families and friends.

Posting the best of ArtSHINE's blogs

Pure Leverage

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