Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Australian Art Melbourne 2010

 Venue: Royal Exhibition Building,Carlton
Country: Melbourne, Australia
Start Date: 22-APR-10 EndDate:  25-APR-10

The Australian Art Melbourne 10 Exhibition was held on 22 April right through until Anzac Day at the Royal Exhibition Building in the Carlton Gardens of Melbourne.

Completed in 1880 the Royal Exhibition Building is a world heritage site listed building constructed to host the Melbourne International Exhibition of 1880/1881. So, under the dome of this grand edifice was the perfect venue for an event like Art Melbourne 10. Art displayed and housed within a great work of art... The building a monument to the achievements of our early Federation... The art exhibited within a testament to the talent and promise of our young and vibrant creative nation.

The Art Melbourne show offered both collectors and newcomers alike an easily accessible opportunity to view a wide variety of art styles, mediums and content. From paintings and sculpture, to new media installations and art objects, the artworks were affordable and the exhibition attracted art lovers from around the nation and from overseas.

Adding to Melbourne's vibrant art scene, the show featured over one hundred galleries, artists' studios, and thousands of new artworks.

Many of the artists were available to chat about their artworks with all the art enthusiasts who came to visit studios and gallery stalls while at the show.

I was delighted to meet so many talented people in one space. Everyone was there to share a passion for art and design. It was so inspiring to experience that expression of passion, and to see such talent on display.

We were fortunate to visit with exhibitors from as far afield as China, Japan, and the UK, as well our neighbours from New Zealand. It was fascinating to spend some time with, and chat with so many passionate artists and designers throughout the show. I was especially fortunate to have some wonderful conversations with artists in the Studio area of the show too.

It was these conversations that have inspired us here at Quantum Compass to add a whole new focus to the regular ArtSHINE blog...

A new and additional weekly feature: The ArtSHINE "Close Up" series.

With this series we’ll share knowledge and experience, as well as promote Australian artists and spread the word about creativity. Both Vinh Van Lam and Stuart Horrex at Quantum Compass have a commitment to assisting artists and artisans gain greater recognition for their work, and create the business lifestyles that will serve to sustain their art practices. That’s why the ArtSHINE project was initiated.

The new weekly ArtSHINE “Close Up” series will allow us to highlight and feature artists and artisans as they live their passion and do what they love.

We’d like to thank all the artists and designers who shared their work with everyone at the show.

Here are some of our highlights from the show:

 Royal Exhibition Building Carlton, Melbourne

 Iconic Fountain -Royal Exhibition Building

Royal Exhitbition Building+Main Hall
 Full of Art Lovers checking out paintings and Artworks


Chris Chun -Artist Copyright

Chris Chun Copyright


Steve Hazael Photography


Dell Walker -Artist Copyright

William Du and Carolyn Wong- Artists
(Melbourne) Copyright

Jacqui Doran-Artist (Byron Bay)

Mandy Emerson- Artist (NZ)

Mandy Emerson Copyright

Nick Fedaeff -Artist (NZ)
Brett Ashby-Artist (Melbourne)

Brett Ashby Copyright
 Jenny Nayton- Artist (Perth)

Stay tuned for the first ArtSHINE “Close Up” next week.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can design your business lifestyle, and create an art and design practice that sustains your passion... come back and visit our blog. Or better still... Subscribe and get the latest blogs delivered straight to you.

Until then...

Make Tomorrow Today

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tired of working for someone else? Ready to create the business of your dreams?

If you’re looking for up to date information about how to start a small business, then you’ve come to the right place…

Are you:

* Working full time but not sure for how much longer?
* Wondering how to turn your passion, hobby, or skills into real income?
* Ready to be your own boss but not quite sure where’s the best place to start?

While ArtSHINE is here for everyone who’s looking to start a small business, we specialise in what we call “transition from full-time employment to self employment.” Or to put it another way… “Working 5 to 9.”

What does that really mean? Consider this scenario:

Imagine working in a full-time job, earning good money, but you’re not entirely happy. You’re thinking that now’s the time to start your own business. It may be because there’s some changes coming at work - “restructuring”. You think that you’re in the firing line, or on that list for redundancy. It may be because you’ve had enough of all the politics and pettiness that goes on at the office. You want to take back control of your own life. It may be that you’ve had a burning desire to do something different for quite a while…

You have a burning desire to follow that dream… A burinng desire too live your passion…

We’ve worked with lots of people who have decided, for one reason or another, to leave the corporate world and start working for themselves; to become free-agents as it were. (In fact, we’ve even done it ourselves!)

For some it means opening a restaurant or cafe, for others it’s becoming an artist or designer. It could be a move into consulting, or using your skills, knowledge and experience for your own profit and gain rather than somebody else…

But here’s the trap, and the danger…

One of the biggest issues for most new start businesses is cash flow.

And we’ve seen it so many times!
Here’s what most people do… They quit their jobs! And then they start their business…

What does that do for cash flow?

Well, you’re earning good money one day, then the next, as you’re starting your business, you’re spending money - start up costs, purchasing equipment and product, on it goes… You’re either eating into savings, or getting deeper into debt. Either way, it’s a negative position.

And you’ve go to ask yourself too:

How many small businesses are profitable from day one?
How long could you survive with little or no income
as your business gets off the ground?

We’re here to show you another way!

Now don’t be fooled… We’re not offering a “Magic Pill” or some easy path to riches… This isn’t about getting something for nothing, or being initiated into some “Secret”…

It’s about planning, and passion, and doing the hard work that’s required to make your dreams a reality.

So, what ever your vision and passion…

We’re here to help.

Ask yourself:

* What if you had a business coach walking along side you as you start out?
* What if a personal coach was always there for you urging you on?
* What if you had a mentor who’s successfully been where you’re going?

Now think about how that sort of support and assistance would make a real difference to you and your new business…

* Would that mean you could get up and running faster and easier?
* Would that mean you would make money, and make more money sooner?
* Would it mean that you could skip over mistakes other new starts make?
* Would it mean that you’d sleep easier with less concerns and worries?

We offer start up business coaching across Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane; as well as around the world. Where ever you are we’re ready to help you create the small business of your dreams.

Nothing could be simpler. Take the action you need to take to make your dreams a reality.

Monday, April 19, 2010

How to post a successful blog

If you’ve been reading a few blogs you’ll know that there’s no real "standard" approach. What really counts is how effective you are at communicating the messages or news you want to get across to your selected audiences. From personal diary to magazine-style blogs there are a lot of different approaches that can be effectively used to make your blog-work for you. Here’s some quick points that we use when we work with our Quantum Compass clients:

Stay on topic

Consider a single topic for each blog. Most of your audience will be interested in content that relates to a specific defined topic or a loosely defined area of interest. Your audience won’t care what you had for breakfast in the morning. However, they are more likely to be interested in handy tips or advice. Talk about what you know, and what you’re passionate about. Your audience wants to learn new things and gain personal knowledge. So define a topic and stick to it.


There are a number of approaches that you can take when you’re writing your blog. Here’s some ideas:

Inspirational blog - you can talk about what or who inspires you to do what you love. It’s also an opportunity for you to welcome new fans, discuss other blogs or websites that inspire you too.

Promote what you do blog - talk about your latest or up coming ranges. Share exciting new projects, collaborations with other designers, or joint ventures.

Educational blog - Share your knowledge, skills, and experiences. Position yourself as the leader of your creative field by offering expert tips and advice.

Trends forecast blog - What’s in and what’s in demand in your creative field? Materials, colours or techniques? What about new technologies or eco friendly applications etc? Do you have some favourite or useful websites that you can share with your audience?

• Useful information If you’re attempting to create the impression that you’re an expert in your creative field, then you need to make sure that you’re always up to date the most current news. If you’re endorsing or expressing an opinion, be sure to check your facts too. Your reputation depends on it.

Stick to a schedule

Plan your blogging schedule and stick to it. Blogging requires time and effort, so don’t set unrealistic expectations push yourself too hard. An occasional lapse or time off for a holiday is generally acceptable. But the real disappointment for your readers is when they return to your blog only to find old and out of date content.


Have a think about how many blogs you would like to post each month. A good bench-mark would be two posts per month (fortnightly). Once you’re experienced and have built up a greater following (your fans) then you can post every week. When your blog is updated frequently search engines will tend to pick up your new pages at regular intervals. Set a regular day to publish your blog. That way your readers know when to come back to you and read your blog.

Keep it clear and simple

Keep your blog clear and easy to understand. It’s best to steer clear of jargon too. Tell your stories in plain English. And use the language that your audiences can relate to and understand.

Embed Keywords

If the objective of your blog is to increase visibility you need to include related keywords in the title and text of your blog. Use the title as a headline to attract interest. Each post needs a title that attracts attention. Aim for a title no longer than ten to twelve words.

Engage your readers

Your audience loves to know what you do; that’s why you want to interact with them and ask them to participate with you and the other readers. Ask for feedback or throw in a question or two. Ask for their opinions. Create a forum for your readers too.

Quantity matters

To attract the attention of search engines you’ll need to develop your content over time. A single headline or a simple sentence is not going to generate the interest of readers or help you with search engine ranking. Make sure you’re archiving old blog posts too. That way you’ll build a big portal of similar themed content over time.

Spelling checks and proof reading

Take a few extra moments and save yourself from having to make embarrassing explanations. Keep in mind that whatever you publish on the net can be found and archived. Think carefully about what you are going to write. Triple check everything.

Images and photos

“A picture tell a thousand words”. Pictures and images inspire your readers. A blog with lots of images makes for more interesting and inspiring reading than a long boring essay.

Would you like an invitation to attend the next Quantum Compass ‘Writing Successful Blogs "  workshop- contact us now here: Writingsuccessfulblogs@QuantumCompass.com.au

Want to know more? It’s as simple as 1... 2... 3...

2: Send an e-mail to this Quantum Compass address: writingsuccessfulblogs@QuantumCompass.com.au and get more info about our workshops for creative professionals.

3: Contact Vinh for a no cost, no obligation coaching session: just call Vinh direct on 0410 636 138, Vinh@QuantumCompass.com.au, or go to: http://www.quantumcompass.com.au/shine/

Friday, April 16, 2010

Art Melbourne is on again for 2010

The Weekend Australian Art Melbourne returns to the Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton from 22-25 April 2010. Adding to Melbourne's vibrant art scene, Art Melbourne 2010 showcases over a hundred galleries from around Australia and overseas with thousands of new artworks. Many of the artists are onsite to chat to and there will be an exciting range of entertainment and educational programs.

Here are the highlights include:

Friday Night Live - come straight from work and have a glass of wine, listen to live music and enjoy art in a casual and fun atmosphere until 9 pm.

Off The Wall – a major drawcard for Art Melbourne dedicated to the promotion of undiscovered artists. Selected by a panel of experts from hundreds of entries - the place to spot rising contemporary art stars of the future.

Allpress Printworks - a new feature which presents the work of some of Australia’s most celebrated artists limited edition etchings, featuring a working press demonstrating the editioning process and featured artist's floor talks and signings.

The Studio – an initiative supporting self-representing/independent artists - find works you can't find in galleries.

If you're in Melbourne next week, You must come and visit  Artist Chris Chun  & Photographer Steve Hazael at the Studio section.

Chris Chun is  an artist/ designer who has an appetite for fun, adventure, great food, travel, new experiences and anything that makes him smile. He loves to learn new things and feel inspired pretty much everyday.

 Chris Chun Copyright

Medium: Mixed Media on Paper (ink, gouache, tissue paper, wax, gold leaf and Japanese origami papers) Artistic Influences: Anything beautiful, colourful and decorative from the C16th Japanese Woodblock Prints to Matisse. 
Education: B.A Textile Design RMIT 
Favourite food: Italian and Japanese
Music: that puts you in the mood? An eclectic mix of pop, bollywood, classical, disco, 70's depending on what I am working on.
Website: http://www.chrischun.com

Steve Hazael is a photogragher based in ACT. The recurring theme in most of Steve's images is movement. A sense of speed, a shift in time and the impression the observer is moving in relation to the subject.  A different view of the world & our surroundings is the aim of Steve's photography.

 Steve Hazael Copyright

Medium: Digital Photography reproduced on watercolour paper; acrylic and mixed media on canvas or MDF.
Artistic Influences: An all consuming need to depict movement, speed and sometimes a dark mood; the rush of a journey; the colour of the Australian bush from a stretched (warped?) point in time & space. Education: TAFE NSW photographic courses 
Favourite food: Anything Kim puts together on any occasion! 
Music: Chris Duarte; SRV; Robben Ford; Buddy Guy; Vangelis; Jean Michel Jarre; Antonio Forcione; Pink Floyd… Jazz, Blues, Rock 

Hope to see you there!!

Pure Leverage

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