Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Creating an inspirational studio space

Perhaps you have a well organised space for your design work. Or, maybe your "studio" space is merely the kitchen table or a desk with some storage space.

Working with successful artists and designers we've found that a key to utilising and enjoying your work space is necessarily "organisation".

And this doesn't necessarily mean keeping it clean and tidy, either…  It's more about what works for you and setting things up in a systematic way.

Here's some quick points to consider…
          • Keep in mind what your purpose is. When designing the layout for your studio, no matter what its size, always remember your purpose. Hopefully, your purpose is to create. Remember you’re making a space for you to feel inspired.


Make things easily accessible. Perhaps there are some things that you don't need access to every day, but there are going to be other things that you do need access to on a daily basis or each time you create. Be sure to make these items clearly available to you. It will save you time and effort searching for them later.

• Be sure to have a clear work space. We can't always have a dedicated studio space, especially when we're starting out. Recalling one client… her work space was a tiny dining room area. All the table tops and shelving were full of stuff. She regularly ended up taking over the living room too. By designating a specific work area you're not setting yourself up with an obstacle for your creativity by not having an open place to comfortably create. Even if your space is terribly limited, make it a priority to have a small area that is always clear and open for you to begin a new project or continue an old one. Designate a work space area for yourself. You deserve it!
 Put a personal touch on your studio. Regardless of how well organised your work space is, if it doesn't feel like your little artistic safe haven where you can be free to create, then you will probably not accomplish much. This is why you should put a personal touch on it! Have things that make it feel comfortable and inspirational.
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