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WEEK 3 Healthy Lifestyles "The Food Pyramid"


Hi, And welcome back!

How are you going in your new healthy lifestyle?

Have you noticed that as you move into this healthy lifestyle you begin to feel better about yourself too?

How did your meal planning go? Are you starting to separate your meals into four to six meals a day?

What kind of diet are you applying?

Do you get confused by all the kinds of recommendations you hear about diets and nutrition
There's so many kinds of diets that you're being told to follow...

But what's the right one?

Well, the best and the healthiest diet is the one that provides you with the balance in your daily meals that you need.

And the type of foods that you eat is the answer to your healthy lifestyle.

Even if you're able to run 10km but you're still consuming fatty foods the chances of you to get coronary heart disease are still high.

Now is the time to change the types of foods that you consume. Especially if they're those unhealthy and processed foods.

Instead of white bread purchase a whole-meal or multi-grain bread.

Instead of drinking processed fruit juices, try eating actual fruits. 

Prepare a salad at home.

If you do have a health condition it is best to refer to a specialist before starting any kind of diet.

Those who are free from any health conditions and seek weight loss... feel free to try a Vegan diet.
A Vegan style diet will make you lose weight.

Here are some type of daily routines that you can practice.
And even if you do have a health condition that doesn't mean you can't follow a routine.

Resistance training - health benefits - Better Health Channel
Pilates and yoga - health benefits - Better Health Channel
Dance - health benefits - Better Health Channel
Epilepsy and exercise - Better Health Channel
Dog walking - the health benefits - Better Health Channel
Canoeing and kayaking - health benefits - Better Health Channel
Cycling - health benefits - Better Health Channel


            • Start a daily log and record each meal that you eat. This might shock some of you because it will show you how much, and what you eat regularly.
            • Find the foods that you can consume regularly, that are cost effective, and that you enjoy.
            • Don't ever drastically change you meals into a very strict diet.
            • Always keep a positive mind set no matter the challenges.


Plan you meals properly and follow a nutrition plan.

Stick with whole foods because they are a healthier and cheaper source of nutrition.
No matter how busy your day, follow your routine.

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