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Tips on how to set your business goals creatively Part 2 Visual Goals Planner

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Part 2:  "Visual Goals Planner".

Last week we gave you an overview of how to set your business goals creatively by using ArtSHINE OPIC Planner. Today our discussion is about "Visual Goals" and how you could use this method to map out your goals visually. 

The "Visual Goals' is fun to do. There are 2 ways of doing it:

1. Create a one page document which includes summaries of your goals. List the goals in point form with a timeline in achieving them. Remember to set your goals in the present tense, in a way that you have already achieved them. Use colourful pens or markers to highlight the important tasks.

2. Write your goals, your action steps and post inspirational images that relate to each goal. Gather images from magazines or your own photographs which will make a huge statement and be meaningful to your goals. Make it fun so you don't feel like it’s a chore.

To keep you better focused, place the board or the one pager somewhere that is visible to you most of the time. For example each morning when you wake up you will be able to see it. Some of our clients have posted it on their fridges and some have saved it as their PC screen saver. By placing your goals where you can see it all the time, it will reinforce and remind you to follow up your goals.

As the saying goes “first impressions count”, so the first thing you see in the morning will leave a deep impression in your mind. This will also ensure you are not distracted and working on non-goal related tasks.

By referring back to the board regularly it will help you to eliminate any tasks that may come up that don't fit within your existing goals. At ArtSHINE we refer to those as "Shinning Objects" that attract your attention and get you off track from your goals. Those interesting things or tasks we do but has no relation to your goals!

So how do you know whether they should be pursued?

Simply refer back to your "Visual Goals" for clarity.  By reviewing your goals regularly can take the shine off any non related tasks and puts everything back into perspective.

So, what are you waiting for? Now is the best time to create the life, and the design practice that you really want to create.

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