Thursday, July 19, 2012

What is Desire, Passion and Purpose? (DPP)

Photography by Monica Li

As coaches we encourage our clients to tap into their Desire, Passion and Purpose.

So what is Desire, Passion and Purpose (DPP) ?

Desire - The term desire means to express a longing wish or crave for something to fulfil you life. LOVE WHAT YOU DO!
Passion is an irresistible action and drive for something that is desired intensely. FOLLOW YOUR DESIRE.
Purpose- is a result or goal of an action intentionally undertaken.  Purpose is a very specific task that move you and your Business LifeStyle to the right direction to achieve your goals. Your purpose will give you a real reason for you to complete all the tasks  you set so you can move closer to your desire or dream.

In the same way, Passion & Purpose are the actions taken on the way to your desire or dream. It is very hard to achieve your desire or dream without taken action or to achieve some goals.

Keep in mind, Your DPP must be in sync with one another in order to reach your destiny and outcome.

Life is too short not to do what you love and not follow your passion.

SO, what is your Desire, Passion and Purpose?

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