Thursday, March 7, 2013

Blue as a Colour- By Artist Pascale Rajek

Blue is everywhere

It’s time for my colour blog and this week, it is BLUE who will be the star. When I started to write about blue, I was on a plane going to Noumea, New Caledonia..

What a better place to speak about blue..

The colour of ocean and sky, blue is perceived as a constant in our lives and the “favourite colour” and has an equal appeal to both men and women.

But which blue.. The range of blues are like the sky is the limit..

There is different shades of blue, subtle changes in meanings from dark to medium to light blues..#

Credits: Eric Aubry, Pierre Alain Pantz

Colour is a catalyst for feelings - the right colours stimulate or relax our senses, release either happy or unhappy memories, reflect how we feel about ourselves and relate to each other.
But first, let’s see the range of blues we have around us.. and the best places to find amazing colours combination and example – that’s my opinion  - is Design Seeds

Names for shades of Blue: azure, baby blue, beryl, cerulean, cobalt, cornflower blue, corporate blue, cyan, indigo, midnight blue, navy, Prussian blue, robin's egg blue, royal, sapphire, sky blue, slate, steel blue… just to name a few

Blue from beyond the seas.. ultramarine (Oltramarino) made from semi-precious stone lapi lazuli*

*Reference: Victoria Finlay: Colour Travels Through the Paintbox – chapter on Blue

The meanings of blue are often associated with serenity, calm, spirituality and trustworthy, dependable and committed. But colour symbolism can be strangely contradictory and Blue is no different.
Blue also brings to mind sadness and loneliness for many.

As the collective colour of the spirit, it invokes rest and can cause the body to produce chemicals that are calming. However, not all blues are serene and sedate.

Electric or brilliant blues become dynamic and dramatic -- an engaging colour that expresses exhilaration. Some shades or the overuse of blue may come across as cold or uncaring.

Indigo, a deeper blue, symbolizes a mystical borderland of wisdom, self-mastery, and spiritual realization. While blue is the colour of communication with others, indigo turns the blue inward to increase personal thought, profound insights, and instant understandings.

Colours affect us in different ways – see information on Yellow Colour

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