Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Australian Art Melbourne 2010

 Venue: Royal Exhibition Building,Carlton
Country: Melbourne, Australia
Start Date: 22-APR-10 EndDate:  25-APR-10

The Australian Art Melbourne 10 Exhibition was held on 22 April right through until Anzac Day at the Royal Exhibition Building in the Carlton Gardens of Melbourne.

Completed in 1880 the Royal Exhibition Building is a world heritage site listed building constructed to host the Melbourne International Exhibition of 1880/1881. So, under the dome of this grand edifice was the perfect venue for an event like Art Melbourne 10. Art displayed and housed within a great work of art... The building a monument to the achievements of our early Federation... The art exhibited within a testament to the talent and promise of our young and vibrant creative nation.

The Art Melbourne show offered both collectors and newcomers alike an easily accessible opportunity to view a wide variety of art styles, mediums and content. From paintings and sculpture, to new media installations and art objects, the artworks were affordable and the exhibition attracted art lovers from around the nation and from overseas.

Adding to Melbourne's vibrant art scene, the show featured over one hundred galleries, artists' studios, and thousands of new artworks.

Many of the artists were available to chat about their artworks with all the art enthusiasts who came to visit studios and gallery stalls while at the show.

I was delighted to meet so many talented people in one space. Everyone was there to share a passion for art and design. It was so inspiring to experience that expression of passion, and to see such talent on display.

We were fortunate to visit with exhibitors from as far afield as China, Japan, and the UK, as well our neighbours from New Zealand. It was fascinating to spend some time with, and chat with so many passionate artists and designers throughout the show. I was especially fortunate to have some wonderful conversations with artists in the Studio area of the show too.

It was these conversations that have inspired us here at Quantum Compass to add a whole new focus to the regular ArtSHINE blog...

A new and additional weekly feature: The ArtSHINE "Close Up" series.

With this series we’ll share knowledge and experience, as well as promote Australian artists and spread the word about creativity. Both Vinh Van Lam and Stuart Horrex at Quantum Compass have a commitment to assisting artists and artisans gain greater recognition for their work, and create the business lifestyles that will serve to sustain their art practices. That’s why the ArtSHINE project was initiated.

The new weekly ArtSHINE “Close Up” series will allow us to highlight and feature artists and artisans as they live their passion and do what they love.

We’d like to thank all the artists and designers who shared their work with everyone at the show.

Here are some of our highlights from the show:

 Royal Exhibition Building Carlton, Melbourne

 Iconic Fountain -Royal Exhibition Building

Royal Exhitbition Building+Main Hall
 Full of Art Lovers checking out paintings and Artworks


Chris Chun -Artist Copyright

Chris Chun Copyright


Steve Hazael Photography


Dell Walker -Artist Copyright

William Du and Carolyn Wong- Artists
(Melbourne) Copyright

Jacqui Doran-Artist (Byron Bay)

Mandy Emerson- Artist (NZ)

Mandy Emerson Copyright

Nick Fedaeff -Artist (NZ)
Brett Ashby-Artist (Melbourne)

Brett Ashby Copyright
 Jenny Nayton- Artist (Perth)

Stay tuned for the first ArtSHINE “Close Up” next week.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can design your business lifestyle, and create an art and design practice that sustains your passion... come back and visit our blog. Or better still... Subscribe and get the latest blogs delivered straight to you.

Until then...

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Anonymous said...

Great blog about the Art Melbourne, it was get to see so many talented people in one roof.


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