Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Interwoven Exhibition Grand Opening Night 17 June 2010

Interwoven is the Design Institute of Australia’s (DIA) yearly exhibition of jewellery and textile work from highly skilled artists demonstrating contemporary innovation in design. And we attended the opening night on Thursday 17th of June.

What a fantastic night! The show was a great success, it was buzzing with people admiring the artwork. The show was opened by an expert of design, John Eussen. John has been in the design and interior industry for more than 25 years. John is a driving force in a vibrant international design market and is well respected in the industry. It was a great honour to see John Eussen speak at the opening of the show. 

Firstly a huge congratulations to the main driver behind the Interwoven, Philippa Willkinson, DIA NSW Textile Councillor of the Design Institute of Australia. And a special note of thanks to Beatrice Rankin from the Hemp Gallery for her sponsorship and contribution.
Thanks to the Artist and Designers who had worked tirelessly, putting in such a big effort to have all the superb work displayed so beautifully at the gallery.
We’d also like to thank and acknowledge the ten talented artists for taking part in the ArtSHINE Close Up interview series.  You’ve inspires all the people who’ve visited our ArtSHINE blog.

The Interwoven Exhibition is on till the June 30 at Gaffa Gallery.

Please visit the show and tell your friends and family too.

On behalf of DIA and Artist and Designers we thank you for all your support.

Here’s the list of Artists and Designers appearing at this year’s Interwoven Exhibition:

Daisy Prowse
Steve Woods - PopHaus
Kasia Jacquot- Laikonik
Karen Davidson - K Tribe
Philippa Wilkinson - Pip Willy
Beattie Lanser – WearBeattie
Angela Nash – Ampersander
Jessica Robertson – Slow Pallette
Seeger Gallery – Sophie Seeger
Denise and Sandra Marl- Retro Rascals

Show Sponsors:
Permaset Aqua
Hemp Gallery

Here are the opening night highlights:

Opening the show


Kasia Jacquot - Laikonik

Beatrice & Ray Rankin - Hemp Gallery


glenda sinclair said...

What a great opening. It was an amazing show. Great Food and wine too. great write up Vinh


Jayne Moore said...

Great exhibition! Love it!


Unknown said...

Hi Glenda and Jayne.

I am glad you both enjoyed the exhibition. Did you manage to have a few chat with the artists & designers. It was be a good idea for you both to connect with these talented designers .

Thanks for vidsiting my blog


Pure Leverage

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