Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sydney Design 10 Festival From 31st-15th August

Sydney Design  2010 is hosting one of the most dynamic programs  ever. The 14th  Sydney Design festival  is showing all around the Sydney city. There will be more than 70 events and activities supported by one common theme ‘tell us a story’.

The Sydney design festival runs for 16 days from Saturday 31 July to Sunday 15 August. The main  producer for this exciting design festival is the Sydney iconic Powerhouse Museum and in partnership with more than 50 cultural institutions, organisations and individuals across Sydney City.

The ‘tell us a story’ theme will reveal the many captivating stories behind design ideas, objects and processes. It will welcome participants to create meaningful conversations with others around design, and enable people to connect with design on a more personal level.

Here is a sneak pick of the event:

Have you got  your Sydney Design Pass?

For just $20, make the most of Sydney Design with a Sydney Design Pass! Visit the Powerhouse Museum as often as you like for 16 days during the festival. Includes unlimited daytime admission between 31 July and 15 August 2010 to: Exhibitions at the Powerhouse Museum (Creating the look: Benini and fashion photography, Australian International Design Awards, Australian Frock stars: inside Australian Fashion Week)
Young Blood: Designers Market and designboom mart on 13, 14 and 15 August
Selected talks after noon events at the Powerhouse Museum (bookings recommended to reserve your seat)

Have lots of fun at the Design Sydney Festival and  let's Honour your Creative Spirit... and let it "Shine"


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