Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Questions to ask before you join an Art Gallery

 Nelson Bay- Pastel on paper
 By: Vinh Van Lam 

What do you do when a gallery expressed interest in your  Artwork?

Here are some questions that you should be asked the gallery owner before making any decision. By asking these questions  you then can draw up a decision whether that particular gallery is best suited to you and your Art business.

Who is the owner(s) of the gallery?

2.Who are the people working in the gallery?

3. What is the period of the contract?
     Is it for a Fixed term? 
    Multi Year Agreement?
    Contingent on sales? (informal contract)
4. What options do I and the gallery have to extend the term of the exhibition?

5. Can I terminate the contract in the event of the owner’s or director’s 
death, or  

    there is a change of ownership or relocation of the gallery?

6. In the event of the gallery’s bankruptcy or insolvency what is my right for 

    terminating the contract?

7. What is the commission fee involved?

8. How much art  do I need to submit for each exhibition?

9. How long is each exhibition or show?

10. What is the procedure if I want to take back my artworks , how much notice do I 

      need to give?

11. Where will my  artworks be shown?

  •  On site? or Off site? 
  •  Will my artworks be visible to visitors or hang in a reserve room?
12. Will my artworks ever exhibit outside of the gallery? Will I be
      informed when my artworks leave the gallery?

13. Will you promote my work and send press releases on my behalf? Will  I have 

      the right to see it  before it gets send out?

14. Do you have a marketing plan in place for my show?

15. Do  you offer discounts to buyers?If you do how much? Will the discount be

     deducted from my share of the profit?

16. What insurance cover do you  have in placed for my artwork?
  •  What are the terms and conditions of the insurance policy?
  •  Does it cover the full retail value of my work?
  •  Is my art work protected in-transit and in the gallery? 
  •  Do you take full responsibility for loss or damage to my artwork from the   time you received  it and to the time it is returned to me?
  • If there my Artwork in Damaged in the gallery, who chooses the restorer?
  • How will I be compensated?
17. What is your sales objective do you have in place  for my Artwork?

18. Who are your key clients? 

19. Do you joint venture with other businesses, such as Interior decorators or 

20. May I contact your current or past artists for reference

So now you have these questions with you  what is your next step???

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