Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What is BFOs? (Blind Flash of the Obvious)

B F O s

Blind Flash of the Obvious

Can you recall a time when you were thinking of an idea or an idea popping up in your mind and then later totally forgetting about it? And sometime later, you encounter something that struck you to recall that idea again and you say to yourself " Oh yeah! That's right I remember it now!”

At  ArtSHINE we call it BFOs.

So, by being attentive to our own behaviours, you might find you recognise a few things thatyou knew but probably forgot!

A key to learning is remembering or recalling. Often when we even know the answers, we just forget or just don't remember how it all fits together. That's why it's a BFO... the opposite is a scatoma... when we can see something right in front of us but we don't recognise it.

How many times has this situation happened to us we tried to find answers or where the answers are right in front of us and we don’t even recognised it.

So, if you come across that moment again make sure you get ready by writing your thoughts or ideas down so you can recall it again.

The best way to record this is in a notebook which you can call anything you want. At  ArtSHINE we call it the "FOIB™ " short for Full of Ideas book. The FOIB™ is like a journal where you can trail blaze away and gather all the ideas or things that you may want to use later.

The FOIB™ works like a charm for artists & designers where you can write, draw or sketch your ideas or design down in the FOIB™

Do you have a BFO that you would like to share with ArtSHINE?

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