Tuesday, December 6, 2011

All businesses start with an idea!

Remember you said you don’t know where to start with your business.

All businesses start with an idea. An idea is worth pursuing will become your passion. Your passion will give you the real purpose to do what you love. Start to do a bit of your business at a time and eventually it will shine!

Block of Marble
  Statue of David

Like Michael Angelo creating David, he first saw the end result of his masterpiece then he started chipping away at the block of marble every day. Each day his aim was for a better day than yesterday and each day the marble took form and eventually the marble block transformed into the statue of David...his renowned master piece.

Doesn’t it sound so easy and simple? For Michael Angelo it was second nature as he had found his passion and he had plans and systems in place in order for to him to achieve his work.

Once you know what your passion is, everything else seems like a piece of cake and everything sails forward.

In relation to our life and business we do need to set goals, map out where we want to be  and the process to get there too.

So start with the end in mind... Set your purpose goals, write your clear business' vision and learn how to build a great business by having a great plansystem so you have control of your time...

So do you have an idea for a business?

Have you found your passion?

We’d love to hear from you. Please leave us a comment.

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