Friday, February 8, 2013

Who are the Key Stakeholders in your business?

As every business is different, so too will the stakeholders in a business vary. Recognising whom your business depends on is essential because they will determine your success.

Stakeholders are a group of individuals or groups with an interest in the success of your business. The stakeholders in a typical business can include:

·   Customers or clients
·   Staff members
·   Suppliers
·   You the business owner(s) or Shareholders.
·   Business partner(s)
·   Your spouse
·   Your family

So who are the Key Stakeholders in your business?

If you have yet to identify them, may I suggest you to start to determine yours as soon as you can!

By knowing the Key Stakeholders in your business, you can begin to produce a successful set of strategies that will help your business grow.


It’s because your business is dependent on your key stakeholders.

Stakeholder management is vital for the success of any business.  Without key stakeholders a business cannot remain competitive.

Market research will inform you of your target audiences’ needs and expectations, which in turn will determine the specific goals and objectives of your business. Thus, aligning your business with your customers’ needs through specific strategies will ensure business success.

Want to learn more about Your Key Stakholders  in your business?

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