Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The only two ways to create change in your life

“First you say to yourself what you would be;
and then do what you have to do.”
                                     - Epictetus
Remember, here are really only two ways to create change your life.

You can make an external change (e.g. you can learn a new skill, change jobs, start a new relationship, get some more ‘know how’, or learn a new strategy for property investing) or you can make an internal change (e.g. change your beliefs, values, emotions, and patterns of behavior, etc).

What people usually do when they set a new goal or strive to create a new life for themselves is that they try to make external changes. “What can I learn or what skills do I need?” or “What new actions should I take to reach my goal?” are just some of the usual ways for people to approach their dreams.

The challenge with that is that if your desired external change doesn’t match your internal world then there will be a conflict on some level in your life and in your business. It can show up in ways like addictions, not following through, procrastination etc. The reason for this is that your external world is not aligned with your internal world (your unconscious mind).

Your unconscious mind is like an anchor on a boat, if you want it to start moving in a certain direction, you need to know how to lift the anchor and release the boat. If you don’t, the boat can only travel a limited distance before the anchor (your unconscious mind) will drag and stop you from moving.

In order for you to create the life and the business that you want, you need to learn how to create your internal world (unconscious mind) and design it to be aligned with your desired external world that you want to create. The ArtSHINE coaching process shows you how to do just that.

“Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act.”

“There is no other route to success.”
                                     - Stephen A Brennan

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