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Creating a “Media Kit” - Some ideas...

There are many ways to create a media kit. With easy access to the internet a first great step is to do an online search and see some examples you can use to model and build your own media kit. There are many companies or businesses that are happy to share their work on-line and display their media kits. You can learn a lot from them and apply what you’ve learned to create your own media kit.

It’s important to decide what's appropriate for your audience, then to define your graphics & style, print & digital media, and messaging & content.

Think about how you’ll position your business in one compact package that meets the varying needs of press, stakeholders, investors, suppliers, and customers.

When we work with our ArtSHINE's clients the first thing we look at is how we cover the conventional basics.

The balancing trick, of course, is to create easily accessible, well presented materials that encapsulates your brand and your business with enough detail to satisfy serious interest.

The essential elements in any kit include:
  • Product reviews or fact sheets
  • Testimonials
  • Tips sheets that offer industry context or surveys
  • A recent article or trade write-ups (optional only if you have)
  • A calendar of appearances and events: Trade shows, market events or workshop classes, etc.
  • A list of media appearances such as newspaper, magazines.
  • Any industry seminars you’ve presented or speeches you have made. (At this stage we do not recommend story angle sheets; why your you want an editor to think that you are sharing all of your story angles with everyone else?)
  • Product samples and / or gifts.
Brand building: - Using appropriate, appealing, and consistent packaging create a complete look of ‘brand’ for your business. You always want to match marketing materials to the personality of your business. If you produce top end quality handmade handbags, don't settle on a sober low end image. Find something elegant, classy, and appealing. You also want all material to look consistent.

Brand concept: - Business logo, website and stationery. The entire package should look and feel first class and impressively put together, standout and solid.

As you’ve identified there’s several production choices... you can create materials for kits and other marketing materials yourself, using desktop publishing programs you have access to (Pages for Mac, or Publisher for Windows for example). This is a great idea if you are good at graphic design and have the time to do it all yourself.

Outsourcing: - You can hire an outside copy writer and a designer to complete the entire package for you. Obviously, the costs associated with this vary widely depending on your production method, and who you engage for the task. We’d suggest that a cost of $1000 to $5000 would cover most basic options. Make sure you get a few quotes and have detailed conversations with the potential suppliers. It’s essential that they can relate to you and your business.

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